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When you're drunk what songs do you attempt to sing?

Asked by ucme (46640points) August 2nd, 2010

Funny how when drunk we can turn into proper little divas. I know I think I sound bloody marvellous, pitch perfect. I’m aware however that to anyone within hearing distance it sounds like a walrus giving birth. What drunk songs are in your repertoire? Anything particular to being in this state or more or less the same songs you may sing from time to time when sober? I believe there are “drunk songs” with their own special little time & place. Let’s hear some.

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Master of Puppets with Shannon.
Black Number One with Shwam.
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by myself.

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Almost anything by The Pogues

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I actually CAN sing pretty well to Cheryl Crow, Greenday, and a few others.

My thing is to have some wine and wail on my drums out on my deck.

Certainly keeps the wildlife at bay! lol

I like to put on a background cd moderately high volume and jam to that while banging on the drums and singing my little heart out.

“I don’t wanna work, just want to bang on the drums all day…..’

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As much as I abhor Bon Jovi (and this song). “Living on a Prayer”.

Make it stop

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@jjmah @jjmah

Too late..your brains been branded. lol

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@TheOnlyNeffie ah, Shane McGowen; what a beauty. ;-)

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@lucillelucillelucille I’d like to see a video of your rendition.

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Danny Boy but I always forget the words

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I love that SOTD song!

I really liked the 90’s music!

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If cajoled after a few drinks into participating in karaoke, the choice is always, “When I’m 64” by The Beatles. On more than one occasion, I’ve been told not to quit my day job.

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Reminds me of my daughters adolescence, lol

She plays a mean electric guitar, it was so funny, role reversal, me telling her to crank up the amp when she was playing upstairs. haha

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I tend to favour big sprawling epic anthems. “I’m a little teapot” being my speciality. Works better when naked though. “Here’s my spout” ;¬}

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It’s on my greatest hits album ;)

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The Big Red Wheel.

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I think you’re still stuck in the skinny dippin’ zone.

Soooo…how is old Nessie? lol

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@Coloma Ha ha! That’s one “date” that won’t be repeated thank you very much!! A little rough for my liking….......what in the name of Jezebel’s dumplings am I going on about? I’m losing it….I really am XD

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Every so often I invite a bunch of friends over and we all get smashed on grog while singing 18th century British naval ballads.

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@lapilofu I’d like to be there for that concert.

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Haha…sounds fun! Do you strip down to your skivvies too? lol

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Everything, because they’re all about me…. at the time of course lol

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@tifa haha. I could say the same for myself.

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I don’t drink but when I do get silly and try to sing (I am terrible at singing), I sing ‘I touch myself’ and that song that goes ‘I love you, always forever…near and far, closest together’.

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I’m not a singer, but I did sing Dragula from Rob Zombie at a karaoke once, and I was pretty drunk. People seemed to like it, but I think everyone was as drunk as me, if not worse, cuz by the gods was it horrendous.

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War Ensemble and Seasons in the Abyss.

What can I say? I like old-school Slayer!

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It depends, sometimes I try to sing Poker Face but my best song is Hot in Here. They try to make me keep my clothes on even though it’s hot in here.

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Jambalaya, Moon River (with a voice like Tom Waits), and Swannee

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Usually rancheras when with my mexican friends…. or mariachi music.
Margaritaville, or Mungo Jerry.

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it always starts the same The Brews – NOFX ..then a full block of NOFX then when i’m done sloshing my head around literrally spitting out lyrics, I unwind with some 80’s covers via MFATGG..then I end the night with Purple Rain. somtimes i mix it up and throw some DM and Erasure in there.

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