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Are you a star wars or a star trek fan? And why? Or do you love both?

Asked by eklamor (415points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

star wars or star trek or both?

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i am both, but i prefer star trek over star wars any day. star trek had waaay more awesome technologies and all that. i felt star wars was bogged down with too much romance and an attempt to make it as “epic” as possible. don’t get me wrong though, star wars is great too.

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I always liked Star Trek way more. The science was so much more realistic and the themes were always deeply introspective and philosphical.

Star Wars was always pretty low-bro, always about shit blowing up. Never really caught my attention much. Way too much gay tension between the young Jedi’s and the masters. The Ewok forest was kinda cool.

I guess the best thing it had going for it was the special effects, but we’ve come a long way since 1977, which just leaves it looking incredibly dated, while Star Trek will always interest me based on its content.

And btw, I’m referring to “The Next Generation”. The first one was retarded.

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neither, I like stargate, well the film and the first few series, it got a bit silly after that

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old school star trek with captain kirk
old school star wars growing up,
scifi movies have always been part of some great action flicks

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Old school Star Wars since 77. Star Trek = meh. But we did watch TNG.

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Star Wars fan and Star Trek Next Generation fan. I like Jean Luc not Kirk.

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Kirk was a jackass. Very Bush like. I’d follow Picard into any battle.

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I like the special effects in Star Wars better, and the fact that while in Star Trek there are more planets, there seems to be more information (yes I know it is not factual info.) on the planets and games that help the imagination run wild. Also, I think that since Star Trek had to put out so many episodes, some lacked in interest to me.

I also am a huge Star Trek fan, if they could make the old Trek with the same characters and storylines but with the technology of the newest Star Wars, that would be an amazing show perhaps unbeatable in any conversation about the greatest shows.

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