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Have you ever been eaten by aliens in love?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) August 2nd, 2010

I am feeling quite silly, so I thought I’d share the joy. Here’s your chance. Write any crazy little story you want, so long as being eaten by aliens in love appears somewhere. Or not. If you like someone else’s vision, feel free to add to it. Or not.

Help me! These two aliens in love have put a spell on me. They are forcing me to write this. I think they plan to ea

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@wundayatta, along with two aliens in love were smokin’ some funny stuff. They got the munchies and looked at yours truly for a snack.

You are smoking some funny stuff right now, aren’t you?

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I don’t know about your aliens.

but my aliens visit me every day and they know that I know they’re not green, but red with purple dots. aaaand yesterday they told me they found a blue dinosaur, but they have no place to hide him.

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@jjmah You’ll probably find this scary, but no. I don’t need to be altering my consciousness artifically in order to come up with this.

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But I HAVE had fantasies about a um, errrr…extra-terrestrial uh…encounter. lol

Alien sex intrigues me. haha

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@Coloma : Ohh wow isn’t that hot haha

Gotta say I’m not a big alien fan, they violated me the end?

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Sure, when I had that orgy with the band ‘Aliens in Love’. It was good times.

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Alien love Hmmm Reminds of the movie Starman. Ever seen that movie?

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Yes! Great little movie…mmmm, Jeff bridges.

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@Vincent_Lloyd No. I wrote a crazy little story as asked by the OP.

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No but I have a dog who will eat anything including aliens in love.

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Wow! I thought for sure that I was the only one who had this happen to them! I’m glad it’s not just me. Thank goodness I always keep a peacock feather in my sock. I used it to tickle the inside of the alien’s stomach and I was quickly ejected. Of course, my luck, I was quickly snapped up and swallowed by the alien’s lover. I had dropped my feather and I didn’t have the slightest idea what to do. I couldn’t get cell reception at all so I assumed they had returned to their home planet with me inside them so I never bothered to check for a Wifi signal and instead, played numerous games of Tap Tap Revenge on my iPhone to calm my nerves while I tried to think about how I might escape. The fact that the aliens were doing their pilates exercises didn’t help me think one bit! Finally, I remembered that I was wearing ruby slippers so I quickly tapped my heels together three times and said, “I wish I were home! I wish I were home! I wish I were home!” Well, I wasn’t exactly transported home but I wasn’t inside the alien anymore. But that’s another story…

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It has only happened to me once. I was a the movies, by myself, I actually prefer going to the movies by myself, for a number of reasons, but anyway, it was a saturday matinee and I was sitting there, minding my own business, getting ready for the movie to start and I was in my very favorite seat, fifth row center, and the theatre was crowded and an alien couple asked me if I would move to another seat so they could sit next to each other. They were obviously in love, rather nauseatingly so, but the only seats available for me to move to were in the front row or way in the back. They couldn’t spend even a couple of hours separated from one another? Anyway, you probably have already guessed how things ends. They wanted to sit together, I wouldn’t give up my seat, so they ate me. The End.

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Bravo @lillycoyote and @loser! @lillycoyote Your story gave an LOL moment.

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@wundayatta Thank goodness aliens’ digestive systems are quite a bit different than ours! I went in one end and popped out the other, just as the closing credits started rolling (though I’m not absolutely certain they actually had one end and/or another; they were pretty weird looking and it all happened so fast), a little worse for wear, but happy to be alive. Anyway, lesson learned. Next time aliens in love demand my seat at the movies, I will give it up, without argument. As we all discussed on another thread, one must choose one’s battles. :-)

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