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How do I access the "Total DNS" settings for my domain if I changed the name servers?

Asked by vekteur (107points) August 2nd, 2010

After changing the name servers for my domain to my new hosting provider (not GoDaddy), I can no longer access the MX records and other DNS controls via the “Total DNS” panel that is now unavailable. I mainly want to set up Google Apps for my domain. What should I do?

Is there a way to set the name servers to GoDaddy so I can access Total DNS but also point the domain to my new host at the same time or does it not work that way?

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Your domains are registered through Godaddy correct?

When you manage your domain under “Nameservers” set your name servers back to Godaddy DNS servers (NS17.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, NS18.DOMAINCONTROL.COM) for example. Once that propagates you should get your total DNS settings back.

I would suggest keeping their name servers for the domain, just change the A record to point wherever you want want the domain to go.

For example I register my domains through Godaddy, and I change their A record to point to a server running in a colo unit.

I guess if you had your own DNS servers and wanted to make the domains use your DNS server you could, but you would get flooded with requests trying to resolve your domain.

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Since my website is not hosted on a dedicated server, would that mean that it does not have a dedicated IP address that the A record can point to? Also how do I know what GoDaddy name servers are appropriate for my domain? Thank you in advance @wgallios.

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I just always use whatever DNS servers that Godaddy provides, and just make sure its not one of the parked ones. But if you’re running just a general domain name that is going to point to something, in probably most cases it should be fine. Are you doing anything specific with the domain that might require custom DNS?

But if you do not have a dedicated server, you can still purchase a VPS server, or shared hosting through Godaddy (or other provider) and they should still provide you with an external IP address to point the domain to. Or if you wanted to point it at something else, say a blog for example that was hosted with blogspot. You could point the domain to that blog, so for example goes to

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So ignore the 2 name servers that my hosting provider gave me, change the name servers to NS17.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, NS18.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, go to Total DNS and change the A record to point to…..

In my hosting control panel there is a “temporary url” that is an IP address followed by my domain name. Is this what I should put in the A record?

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