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Does a kiss on the forehead mean that that person "cares for/likes" you?

Asked by skgskgskg22 (260points) March 22nd, 2008
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That depends on the person, I suppose. If I’d do that it’d most certainly mean that I care for that person, but other people might experience that differently.

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I think it does, and it’s a very tender way of showing it!

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Depends when and who.

Your 4 and mom tucked you in – yes
your 24 back from a 4th date and she tucked you in – probably not

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I agree it depends on the person. I love kisses on the forehead when he thinks I’m asleep, bc it means he did it because he wanted to not because he thought that’s what I wanted

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Hmm. I think it means the person cares about you but it doesn’t mean that she would marry you :)

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Just a way to show affection to anyone
I usually do it when my girlfriend is asleep
friends that are shorter than me when they are having a bad day

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Yes they care about you. You must also consider what region you are in. In different areas kisses mean different things.

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I melt if the guy I’m dating kisses me on my forehead. I mean, if you’re not in romantic territory with someone yet and they do this, it could mean “I care about you but I just want to be friends.” But to me, it as always come off as representing a deep type of romantic love and care. I love them, personally.

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sigh, ive never been kissed on the forehead.. or even on the cheek, but i think it would be a sighn of effection if its a bf/ gf

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I would get kissed on the forehead from my boyfriend, so I’m thinking it’s a yes for it saying they like you, hahah.

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