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Do you think celebrities are pompous and way overrated?

Asked by RANGIEBABY (2097points) August 2nd, 2010

What do they, as a person, do for any of us?

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Who rates them?

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Of course they are.


@perspicacious I would say the public does, and the media, etc.

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They must be doing something for the public or else people wouldn’t be so interested in them.

Personally, I just don’t care either way.


@Simone_De_Beauvoir Does that become annoying to you? And their kids become celebrities, just because their parent or parents are. They are just entertainers for Gods sake.

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I suppose I do, but that’s what makes them celebrities.


@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Unfortunately, I think many people live through them. Want to be like them so much they don’t even really know who they are themselves.
I personally don’t care about them either one way or another, but I hate to see children modeling after them, instead of their own self image.

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Johnny Depp earns $20 million per movie. Let me repeat that—TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS! Does he think he’s better than I am? I don’t know—never met the lad—but by golly he’s made it to a higher tax bracket!

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@RANGIEBABY Well that’s their life and their kids’ life – I concern myself with people in need of a voice or a change not with people who are living in a delusional world.


@Simone_De_Beauvoir Many of those people you concern yourself with, in need of a voice are identifying with some of these characters. Therefore falling into a delusional world themselves.

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Pompous? Depends on the celebrity, but fame probably consumes most of them.

They give us something to talk about – they give us entertainment. A number of them also “give back” in various ways (of course, most probably get much more than they give).

I’m apathetic – if people love worshiping celebrities, let them.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir, I feel the same way.

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There are pompous and overrated people in all walks of life. And unless you don’t own a TV, never watch movies and never listen to music then you are being a hypocrite, because you contribute to the media industry, as well.


@Disc2021 I suppose I would want to approach one of them and thank them for their contribution to society, if they were really contributing. In my opinion all too many of them are sending the wrong messages to our youth.
I am not apathetic, when it comes to the children that are being brainwashed by so many of these folks.

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It would be nice to be overrated once in a while.


@tinyfaery Yes there are pompous, overrated people in all walks of life, but most of them we never heard of, and they are not as big of an influencing factor in society.


@gypsywench Done, consider yourself overrated :)

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Some are pompous jerks, some are just pompous, some are just jerks, and some are neither. There are plenty of celebrities who, whether you agree with their chosen cause or not, make an effort to make the world a better place.

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@RANGIEBABY Thanks :) Feels good to be overrated.


@SuperMouse I agree with everything you said. However those that make an effort to make the world a better place, are left in the dust of the pompous jerks. The media expounds upon the wrong celebrities, and nary a word about the good that is being done.


@gypsywench Your welcome, now that your are a celebrity, what are you going to do with all your notoriety? :):):)


People like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodword are far and few between.

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I don’t think about them because they are on such a different plateau than us. The worst problems they have to deal with are people not leaving them alone. I know they deal with familiy death and stuff, but they will always have the comfort of not dealing with ‘normal people’ problems.

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@RANGIEBABY Simply be fabulous! Oh and I will make sure that I’m wearing panties evertime that I step out of an automobile.

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@RANGIEBABY I look at celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, and even Tiger Woods as cautionary tales for my kids. Frankly, sensationalism is the bread and butter of American media – no matter who or what they are covering. Why should celebrity coverage be any different? The old saying “if it bleeds it leads” applies to pretty much everything popular media covers.

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@RANGIEBABY So what? That has little to do with whether or not I have to concern myself with celebrities.


@Blackberry You see, I don’t think of any of them on a different plateau than any of the rest of us. They are entertainers, that is all. Some are good at what they do.
My doctor is very good at what he does, and so much more important than an entertainer.
I don’t find them any more important than anyone else on this planet. They are just people, and I just don’t see the worship thing with them. I can’t think of many that I would go out of my way to speak with.

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I really wouldn’t know, I don’t pay attention to that sort of thing. It’s most likely the people who do pay attention that make celebrities what they are, and not the celebs themselves.


@Simone_De_Beauvoir I didn’t mean to offend you in any way. What you do is important helping people and my guess is, you do more each day than the celebrities do, if at all, in a year.

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@RANGIEBABY Wait, what happened? I wasn’t offended, at all. I was just saying that while others concern themselves with celebrities, it doesn’t deter me from not being concerned with them, nor from helping anyway.


@YARNLADY Sorry, but I think we have to concern ourselves with everything that affects our children, and this is a big one.


@Simone_De_Beauvoir I misunderstood your message. I know from some of your posts, you are very involved in helping others. I thought you were saying you didn’t really have to concern yourself with the messages our children are getting from the Celebrities. My bad.

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@RANGIEBABY I don’t know how this got to be about our children but okay – what my children learn from celebrities and others does concern me but that’s a different conversation, I believe.

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@RANGIEBABY The problem you seem to be describing is with a family that allows their children to be influenced by Celebrities. Most of the people in my extended family are far too busy with scouting, sports or other activities to worry about that kind of nonsense.

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Depends on the person. Some of them are – hoo, boy! Many of them aren’t, and just go to work to do their thing, the public love it enough that they get gobs of money for what they do and then they go home. I wouldn’t call Meryl Streep or Thom Yorke or Michael Palin pompous.

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Steve Coogan once gave me a light for my cigarette. That’s the most a celebrity has done for me, personally. He’s very pompous.

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Yes! Politicians are considered celebrities aren’t they???

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I met this unknown actor, who is a gillette man and been in 1 movie, who said, “and she didnt know who I was…..”.

Arent we all just people? i cant stand arrogance. So they can act….whoopee…

musicians on the other hand…...:):)

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people are just people.
however, I can appreciate and acknowledge talent.

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Depends on the specific person. The celebrity-ness tends to be annoying and of little value to me, though many celebrities also happen to have other things of particular interest or value. So do many people. Even most or all, depending on what you’re interested in and how you look.

Katharine Hepburn gave us many lovely interesting performances and other insights and entertainment, etc. I don’t particularly care about the celebrity aspect of her, though.

“Paris Hilton” seems more like an example of merely a celebrity and not much else.

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I think they’re overrated in the sense that people actually care what they do in their private lives, and who has cellulite or a who’s had a brow lift. I don’t see why things like these are newsworthy.

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@RANGIEBABY It’s really objective on how we’re defining “giving back to the society”.

Question, Is it really anything to be anymore than apathetic about? If you show little to no regard for a celebrity or this mix you’re talking about, they die out, but if you show hate – they get even more famous. In this age, infamy is the new fame – they get richer by being scandalous. They’re scandalous because of the interest and consideration we show in them and our inability to shut the hell up about them just keeps them in business and reinforces the formula they’re milking us with. The amount of coverage on Lindsey Lohan’s jailing sentence is baffling and what’s going to be even more baffling is how much money she’s going to be making afterward. My jaw wouldn’t move a millimeter if she ends up with her own reality TV show just weeks after she gets out. People eat this shit up and it really doesn’t matter if they love or hate it – it all fits into the equation.

IF I had it my way, would I publicly strangle Miley Cyrus until she apologized for the making of “I can’t be tame” and swore to never attempt to recreate anything any condones or embodies the pseudo-glamorous, pompous, smug, in-genuine, snot-nosed attitude she has? Probably, yes. Is there really anything I can do about it, or anything that any amount of bitching about it is going to accomplish? No. I think the best medicine for this is the “who cares?” type of attention. Obviously, she has her audience, an audience perfectly entitled to listen to or worship whoever they want.

As far as the “brainwashing” goes (which is a loaded subject) – as a child, I played horrifically violent video games, watched gory or graphically violent movies and listened to explicit music and somehow I was still able to comprehend that all of this stuff is just entertainment and that musicians and celebrities dont always make the best role models.

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Entertain us. Obviously.

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I don’t think it’s far to lump all celebs into one group. Some of them are pompous and overrated, but some aren’t.


@NaturallyMe That is what I am talking about. Who is wearing what, who is sleeping with who, who is using drugs and getting off easy. Those are the celebrities I am talking about, and they are the ones the media puts in news. I just don’t see the brew haha over all those people. They are just people.

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