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How did this Slushpuppy-like substance form on my ice cubes?

Asked by Zyx (4160points) August 3rd, 2010

I poured some 0.1 degrees celcius energy drink onto my ice cubes and on top of the ice cubes a slushpuppy-like substance formed. Is this just delicious instantly frozen energy drink? Could it kill me?

Also, if you have the time: raise your hand if you think the three words “How”, “did” and “form” added anything to this question.

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Highly doubful you will die from this… just enjoy the frothy frozen treat.

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Raises hand – I like questions that make sense.

Is it that white frost stuff that forms inside most freezers? You can eat it, or rinse it off, your choice.

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No it is not, and sense hidden beneath anything less than three layers of subtext is worthless to me.

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