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Coffee Snobs: Do you wash your coffee cup?

Asked by mrentropy (17188points) August 3rd, 2010

I work with a guy who is a confessed Coffee Snob. He used to work in a high end coffee shop.

The other day he said that he once washed all the coffee cups for everyone that worked there (personal cups, of course) and they got mad at him.

They told him that you never wash a coffee cup. You rinse it out, sure, but not actually wash it. Washing it means washing out some of the coffee flavor. I guess from the brown crud that accumulates on the inside.

So, do you wash your cups or just rinse them out? Frankly, I’ve never heard of this before.

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It doesn’t matter how Capt.Piggy wants to have his coffee,I’m washing my dishes! XD

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I wash the cup and the pot very often. I want to taste today’s fresh coffee, not yesterday’s or last week’s stale crap. Camp coffee is different. I need it to taste like crap so I can feel macho enough to chop wood and whittle stuff in the wilderness

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I’m not a snob but I do have coffee daily. I wash my cup and (dare I say it) even use a little bleach occasionally so all my mugs are nice and clean when I offer a cup to a friend.
I’d be grossed out if someone offered me a cup of java in a crudded up mug.

I’ve heard Panera’s, Austin TX, mugs are always sparkling. ;-)

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I wash coffee cups at home, but I’m not anal about it. At work I just rinse it out.

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I don’t use a cup, I just pour the coffee directly into my eyes! Double espresso please

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@Cruiser You need to pour it into your ears, or it won’t get to your brain. DOY!!!

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I wash my cups.

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@Dutchess_III I remember that next time but today my eyes are in need of the most wake up! x0

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All right, so it’s not a widespread thing that somehow passed me by. That’s a relief.

@worriedguy I’m still thinking Friday for Panera’s, Then I can see for myself just how clean those cups are.

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I wash the cups and wash the coffee pot. I might reuse a mug right away, like for my second cup of coffee in the morning without even rinsing it out. Then it goes into the dishwasher, and when I make coffee again I rinse out the pot and use another mug. I guess I could live with just rinsing out the mug and reusing it later in the day, but not the next day.

When my husband and I were first married, we lived with his parents. After a while, I realized that my mother-in-law never dumped out the old coffee in the coffee pot before brewing more. Whatever was left in the pot after the morning just sat there. When she made coffee again, she’d use a small pitcher to add water to the coffee maker, put in new grounds, and all the fresh coffee would get mixed in with whatever was still in the carafe. At night she’d set up the coffee before going to bed. I’d quietly go into the kitchen after she was asleep, dump out the old coffee, rinse the carafe, and replace it. Since she didn’t wake up until after the coffee brewed in the morning, she never knew. Then I started to offer being in charge of making coffee, but I think she suspected I had ulterior motives and politely declined my offer!

Now when we go to their house for dinner or something, I just say no thanks to the coffee. I mean, there could be coffee in that pot that is weeks old! Bleah!

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@MissAusten One of my favorite authors, James P. Blaylock had written a book with a minor character who was captain of a boat that traveled up and down a river ferrying passengers.

His method of coffee was to have a large brewing machine that was filled with river water. When it got low they would add more river water, but never empty what was in there already. Or, I’m guessing, cleaning the thing out.

Your mother-in-law reminds me of that.

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@mrentropy OK pal, You’re on.

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Ewwww, bacteria love moist, warm places. How often is this “coffee snob” sick?

Wash the cup after every use.

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I’ve never heard of this before either. At work, we had a dishwasher in the break room. Since I usually arrived very early, I tended to be the one to empty the dishwasher and put the cups back in the cabinet. Call me a ‘Coffee Snob’ or just OCD…I always looked in each mug to make sure it was clean before putting it away. I will, however, use the same mug all morning and just top it off or refill it.

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Uh yeah because I’m even more of a clean snob.

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Yes, I wash everything. I’m quite a coffee drinker too.

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If it wasn’t for the fact that all coffee tastes the same to me, except for Jack in the Box coffee which tastes like wet cardboard, I’d try this out as an experiment.

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I put mine in the DW. Isn’t that fascinating?

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@Aster That would depend on if it were the top rack or the bottom rack.

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Top rack, of course! there, now it’s fascinating.

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