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When is the last time you spent the whole day in your PJ's or is that something you don't do?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) August 3rd, 2010

I do that on Sundays…. I stay in them all day.
Lazy day.

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I don’t wear PJs,but have spent the entire day sans clothes ;)

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I won’t go out in pajamas, but I do that all the time as long as I’m home the whole day. Being a teenager, that would be almost every day during the summer.

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I have worn what I worn to bed the whole day before, but I don’t really regard what I wear to bed as PJ’s

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Every chance I get. And, that would be boxers and a tank top.

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I’ve had plenty of BJ’s in bed but haven’t worn PJ’s since I was about nine. Robin Hood one’s they were….ahhhh. It’s funny because I often ask the wife if she’d like to Triar Fuck…...a tribute to the swashbuckling monk.

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I do that almost every day, but that’ll soon change.

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@Frenchfry Good God woman don’t encourage me… ;¬}

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Mostly I’m naked around the house, sometimes I wear a wrap on my body. No pjs.

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I do it occasionally. About a week ago I stayed in my nightshirt all day.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Like a sarong? I usually go for a tank top and panties, myself

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Just this past Sunday.

Hung out all day in a summer nighty, I even went to the store in my jammies, ( one more bennie of country living, go to the local resort market in your pj’s, no one blinks an eye. lol )

Had dinner plans with friends so got it together around five and went out for 3 hours, then back to the jammies.

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I don’t own a set of PJs. I prefer the birthday suit.

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Yes, but you shouldn’t drive in that suit! lol

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@Coloma I found that out the hard way. Way too much trouble with the stick shifter.

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It’s too hot for pj’s…less is better…nothing is best!

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I get dressed every day. The only time I have stayed in my PJs all day has been when I’ve been horribly sick.

It has been so hot here the last couple of weeks that I’ve not slept with a stitch on but I have too many people in the house to wander around naked.

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Not since I had surgery and stayed at the hospital for a day.

I get up, shower and dressed and I’m ready for the day. It’s easy to take things off if the need arises – so to speak..

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I have a cool sarong wrap too, perfect for those rare moments I am caught in the buff, usually by my end of the road neighbors that wander down to my place with their little grand daughter to feed the geese.

I can always tell when a stranger is coming, the geese start shreiking, plenty of time to grab the sarong and tie it on.

Recently the geese were up on the lawn when the neighbors dropped in, I look out the window and everyone is sitting on the bench on my hill feeding the geese, when they left Marwyn was following them all the way down the road so had to run out in the sarong and bring back the wayward goose following the bread bag.

If I really don’t want to be disturbed I close my gate, a clear signal to keep out! lol

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every second I’m in my house, I am wearing PJs.

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@Coloma -I have a sarong for that very purpose XD My early warning system is my dog:)

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Yesterday, the day before, the day before that…
Probably today, too.
I’m not worried about going out in public in pajama pants and a tank-top. I’m comfortable and I’m covered up more than a lot of girls around here, so what’s the big deal?
I work at well.. my house. So I don’t have any bosses to dress up for, so I stay how I’m most comfortable.
Comfortable Madi = Happy Madi.

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Probably last winter. If it’s too cold to go out, I call the pizza guy and fire up the DVDs in my jammies.

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I don’t own PJ’s, but I find the night gown I sleep in is very comfortable for day wear as well.

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I don’t own pajamas but sweats/tee are what I wear all day everyday.

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Jammie pants, short, or long, weather dependent, and T’s, LOVE ‘EM, at home, as much as possible!

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I usually stay in my pajama pants and a tanktop on the weekends all day. Monday-Friday (sometimes on the weekends) I have to change and clean up incase something calls for me to leave my house or something. :P

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Probably when last recovering from surgery, years ago.

I seldom go as far as the kitchen without getting dressed first. This is about comfort and not formality. A short nightgown is great for sleeping in, but I don’t want to be wearing it when I open the front drapes or answer the doorbell, and the seat of my otherwise lovable Herman Miller Celle desk chair is uncomfortable on bare legs.

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I love pj days. I have them every few weeks.

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I like to be ready for any and all contingencies and since most of life cannot be enjoyed while wearing night clothes. So as soon as I hop out of bed, I head for the shower and immediately after pull on shorts and a t shirt and I am ready for the day. I just can’t imagine lolling about doing nothing for an entire day, would seem like a total waste to me.

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all of 09’ and most of 08’. but it’s ok, I test PJ’s for a living.

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