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Can you remember the time in your life that you laughed the absolute hardest?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) August 3rd, 2010

I’m bored and anxious at work and I need a good giggle.

My best guess at my biggest laugh was years and years ago when I first watched the movie Private Parts (Howard Stern). There’s a scene when he’s playing frisbee with one of his wife’s clients and he hits him in the face with it and he keeps apologizing… then he walks off to talk to someone, and the client throws the frisbee and nearly takes off the guy’s face. I was laughing so hard my friend on the phone thought she was going to have to call someone. I was making no noise except an occasional wheeze. I had a headache for a good hour after that one.

What’s yours?

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My daughter and I laugh non-stop when we are together, our humor blends perfectly ( I wonder why? lol )

We crack each other up with our inflections and word play, have certain ‘secret’ gestures and share the the quick witted, fast brained genetic code that comes from my side of the family! hahaha

Her poor boyfriend…he is always saying ” OH…NOW I see where she gets that from!”

His indoctrination is coming along just splendidly…he is now comfortable enough to jump in and adds a great complementary energy.

I love my girl, she’s so funny!

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Why is it that pain is hilarious, sometimes?

I was living in a black fog and I hurt all the time. Everyone hated me. I didn’t do anything useful for anyone—not my family, not my friends, not my work. My family would have been better off without me. I was evil and useless. My friends—well, they had already disappeared. They knew what they were doing. Work? I don’t know. I didn’t do a thing for a year or more. I should have been fired, but I wasn’t.

Finally I had enough and I was nearly ready to go, except I didn’t have the courage to do it myself. So I called the one friend I felt I had. She was a friend because she understood. She was depressed, too. She was thinking about checking out, too. I called her to make a deal. We’d do it together.

She started off by saying that bad as she wanted to do it, she couldn’t do that to her kids, and I shouldn’t do it to mine. In my heart, I knew she was right, but I was so miserable I wanted to move forward, anyway.

So we started talking about different ways to do it. Quickly, it began to seem absurd. We came up with all these methods. They got stranger and stranger and we started laughing. And then the next thing I knew, I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe. And this went on and on—twenty minutes; half an hour, maybe more. She’d be unable to stop laughing and I’d just say one word, and she’d be off on the laughing jag again, and then I’d start laughing and she’s say a few words, and I just couldn’t stop.

They say laughter is the best medicine. I think that in this case, laughter saved my life.

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I think so!

Somewhere in that plot you shifted, an awakening of sorts I’m guessing.

The absurdity of it all just clicked….I am glad you both woke up! :-)

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I can’t give you an example of when I’ve laughed the hardest.
I manage to get some good laughs in daily…even when I’m a rageful ,crabby,b*tch.—yes,that’s right…crabby ;)

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@wundayatta glad it never happened! Thank you sharing!

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Me, too @BoBo1946 and @Coloma. Things are so much better now, it’s like being in a different universe!

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My daughter and I do this thing…we reach out very slowly with our index fingers pointing and slooowly touch them together….it’s our subtle, yet humorous, loving gesture that I initiated during her ’ don’t hug me’ phase as a teen. lol

When ever she is being fussy about my demonstrative affections I give her the ‘finger.’ hahaha

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@wundayatta super….that is the way it should be.

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Yes there was a very special moment that involved a blindfold and Pop-Rocks that I swore I broke a few ribs I was laughing so hard!! ;))

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I laugh a lot of the time so too hard to pin it down to one incident.

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There were a few moments. One of them was watching I Love Lucy with my mom. It was the episode where Lucy and Ethel trade places with Fred and Ricky and they find work in a chocolate factory. My mom had had a few beers that night. Her laughing, coupled with the way Lucy and Ethel were under pressure, I was hoping it would end because my stomach was hurting a lot. :)

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I have a girlfriend ; she and I went to S Padre Island, Texas for a week with our daughters.
We were in the bedroom and she kept telling me crazy things that had happened to her and I could not stop laughing. My daughter was 14 and she came in there twice and told me she couldn’t sleep because I was so noisy.
Anyway, this friend said she was in the grocery store at the register and wanted a CARTON of Eve cigarettes. They didn’t have any on the rack so the checkout lady YELLED across the store to this guy, “ONE ‘CASE’ OF EVE PLEASE!!’ and he brought a huge box of some Eve feminine cleansing product to the register. My friend said she turned bright red and raced out of the store.

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I can only imagine. lol

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@Coloma You will have to as that’s the best I can do…the rest will remain a hilarious memory! ;)))

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I laugh hard all the time. To put where I am crying. Like today. I went to Burger King. I got it my car and a felt something on my leg. I look down it was a spider. My eyes got real wide. I started screaming and I jumped out of the car. and shaking down my legs I must of been screaming so loud that my neighbor came out and asked what’s up? I was freaked still but now I am embarassed. So I was laughing to hard. I was crying. I refused to get back in my car.

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Me and my bff were at school and it was the last day. we were celebrating as a class, and we got hyped up on sugar. We went to the computer lab to play games and someone said a knock knock joke and me and my friend couldn’t stop laughing. I practically died from not being able to breath. Finally she stopped laughing but i went on and on and on. i didn’t know why.

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When my best friend comes over, we always seem to end up laughing hysterically about something. What makes it even better is that my husband hears us cackling and he pokes his head out the door to make silly faces at us or he joins in the conversation with his crazy sense of humor. When it’s all said and done, all three of us are literally falling off our chairs from laughing.

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Two times. Both with my husband. And no clothes.

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The time I laughed the hardest was when I was 11 or 12. My best friend and I were walking down the school hallway looking at pictures. One picture in particular hit our funny bone. We started giggling and laughing and then crying and laughing. The type of laugh where you couldn’t stop if someone had a gun pointed at your head. Actually a laugh like this guy I felt bad for everyone in that clip!

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My sister and I shared a bedroom growing up, and we used to get the sillies all the time. We would laugh so hard we couldn’t even breathe.

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I was about 11 spending the day at the state fair with my two best friends.

We went on the tilt-a-whirl ride together and all laughed so hard we wet our pants, each one of us was soaked in a pool of combined body fluids.

Every time the ride tilted in the opposite direction the run off shifted! lol

We washed our shorts in a restroom and put them back on just as wet but cleaner. haha

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It was a few months back when I was talking to one of my friends through IM and it was a really random conversation. Somehow we ended up talking about our favorite McDonalds characters and I said: “my favorite is grimice or grumus what ever his name is.” and my friend typed back: “GRIMACE!” and we just fell out dying through webcam. Yay, we were a bit slow. :P

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