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Would you take a really shitty job, if it paid fives times as much as what you earn now?

Asked by marhen (12points) August 3rd, 2010

I cant get more specific

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Not at this point in my career. But quite honestly, I would take a really fabulous job that paid less than I’m making now.

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5 times 0 is 0
So no.
But seriously, I would consider it. It’s better than not having a job at all, I guess

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No. I would not last long . Coming home miserable. why put yourself through that? Unless I was struggling , or I had NO job at all

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I might consider it—one person’s crappy job may well be someone else’s dream job. I have done a lot of things (work and volunteer work) that others might actively try to avoid and I have found some real enjoyment in the activity. Hard to say without a definition of “really shitty job.”

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I’d consider it, yeah. I’ve had some really crappy jobs so I’d need a reality TV sort of challenge in order to say no. Right now I make less money than I have in a decade, money takes priority when I’ve got other people relying on me for their security.

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Depends on what it was. I have dug graves and shoveled horse hockey by hand, so I don’t think you could get much shittier than some of the things I have already done.

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No, because of all the time I would have to spend doing it.

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It depends on why it is “shitty”. If it is just boring, dull, repetitive, yes. If it is extremely high stress, no. If it is simply sans vacations and benefits, yes. If it exposes me to danger, infection, and serious liability probably not. Shitty can mean a lot of things.

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I agree, it depends on what “shitty” means.
If I have to work in a sewer… no.
If I have to work a terrible desk job with people I don’t respect – sure!

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Right now, yes, because I don’t have a job. So there would be nothing for me to lose.

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worst job i had was at an ice packing company..and they didn’t have enough waterproof boots or gloves so my feet were wet and hands frozen..AND their idea of packing was filling bags of ice and tossing them across the room to each other. I made it thru 8 hours somehow..but no..not even for $50 an hour. .. and that’s compared to wiping grown mens arses at a mental facility.

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