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Cool apps for Android?

Asked by lrk (757points) August 3rd, 2010

I just got an Android-based phone (specifically, a Droid X).

What apps do I want?

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Facebook for Android
Twidroyd or Seesmic (I like these better than Touiteur, swift, or any of the other Twitter apps.)
Foursquare (if you use that)
Barcode Scanner

For games, I like the 3d tilt labyrinth one and Abduction!

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The ones I use the most:

Twicca, Facebook, ttTumblr, AIM, Foursquare, Dolphin Browser HD, and Doodle Jump.

Also, if you don’t like the homescreen your phone came with (i.e. ninja-blur in your case) try LauncherPro. It fucking rocks.

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I definitely second Dolphin HD – it’s an excellent mobile browser.

Ultimately, the question is “what do you want to do with your phone?”

I use my ageing G1/Dream for work and personal purposes, so I use:

1. Wireless Tether (note: requires a rooted phone, but it’s FREE and does a superb job).
2. Bookmarks to SD (saves your Dolphin bookmarks on the SD card, saving space)
3. Linda File Manager (a free explorer/file manager program)
4. Beebplayer (a 3rd party BBC iPlayer app; only works in the UK)
5. The Guardian Anywhere (a 3rd party app to read The Guardian’s RSS feeds)
6. eBuddy – free multi-protocol IM software (requires registration; I’m looking for a non-registered alternative, but it’s pretty solid)
7. Google Calendar (it comes with the phone, but it allows you to sync multiple Google accounts to your phone and manage your tasks/calendar anywhere you have a phone signal – awesome!)
8. AK Notepad (for notes, duh)
9. Astrid Tasks/Todo List – a nice little reminder program – no calendar syncing, but it’s simple, clean and efficient.
10. Adobe PDF reader.
11. CyanogenMod 5.08 (stable release) – a modification to the Google source code for Android Eclair – heavily optimised and generally awesome.

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Browser: Dolphin (it has add-ons!), Opera
SMS: Handcent, SMS scheduler, SMS call responder
Email: Many like K9, but it doesn’t sync as much with GMail as I’d like, so I go with Gmail
IM: Meebo is very popular, I just use GTalk
Music: Shazam
Video:, Youtube
Weather: The Weather Channel
Radio:, Pandora, iheartradio, flycast, scanner radio (police scanner)
Skype stuff: Skype, Rebtel
Out On The Town: Geodelic, UrbanSpoon, Fandango, Yelp, Find Starbucks
Movies: Movies, IMDb
Podcasts: Listen
News: BBC (widget), NPR, CNN
Comic strips: Comic Strips, xkcdviewer,
File syncing: Dropbox
Tasks/Productivity: ActionComplete, Astrid Task(s?)
Shopping: Ebay, Amazon, Shopper, SnapTell, ShopSavvy, Barcode Scanner, Coupons, Key Ring, GroceryIQ
Translators: Google Translate, Goggles
Doddles: Whiteboard
Twitter: Twidroyd (definitely better than Peep and all the others)
System Info: Android System Info
Task Manager: Advanced Task Killer, Task Manager
Uninstall: Exuninstall
Currency Conversion: Currency Converter
White Noise: Dream, White Noise, White Noise Lite, Relaxation Music
Money Management: Mint
Ebooks: Kindle for Android, Aldiko (browse their selection or upload a pbd), Audiobooks, myBookDroid (keep track of all your books)
PDF viewing: Adobe Reader (free, but has no bookmarks or any other features) or RepliGo or BeamReader – 4 bucks each, both have bookmarks, it’s a personal preference
Flashlight: Color Flashlight
Notes: 3banana, ColorNote
Call Blocking: CallFilter, Call Block, DroidBlock
Get a cab: Cab4Me
Calendar: There are no good calendar apps (the entire community has decided this) but good widgets: Calendar Pad, pure Calendar, Calwidget, quick calendar widget
Drinks: Beiks Cocktail Recipes, Bartender, Cocktail Hero
File Manager: Astro, OI File Manager
Fertility/Period Calendar: MyDays
Photo Editing: Mobile, Pic Paint, PicSay
Playlist Builder: Playlist Builder (totally worth the 2ish bucks)
Ringtone Creator: Ringdroid
Lost Droid: Where Is It, Where’s My Droid

Cuz they’re awesome:
Mabilo Wallpaper
Shakespeare Insult Generater
Solitaire Pack Free
Star Wars Sounds and Ringtones
The US Presidents
Trapster (lets you know when a cop is ahead while driving)
United States Constitution (never let someone else win that fight)
UPS mobile
Vibrator (yup, that’s exactly what it does)
KamaSutra Sex Positions
Kamasutra Lite
Formulas Lite
Craigsnotifica (craigslist)
Clicker (like the clicker you use to train your pet)
Calorie COunter
Alerts (FDA food/drug recalls, Amber Alerts, etc)

Lifehacker has some great rundowns of Android apps under the “android” tag

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