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HTC Evo or Samsung Captive?

Asked by zwingli (606points) August 3rd, 2010

I am at a crossroads. I either get the HTC Evo or the Samsung Captive. I really would like an Android phone to be my first smart phone. Anyone have a suggestion on which to get?

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Those are on different carriers, so your first decision should be Sprint or AT&T. But, if carrier doesn’t matter than I would absolutely choose the Evo, it’s a beast.

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Carriers aren’t an issue. I will either keep ATT or move to Sprint. The Evo is just a huge beast.

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Make sure you’re in a city that has 4G coverage if you get the Evo – not many places in America have it yet. So in other words, if you’re not in a city that does have the coverage, you’re gonna be paying an extra $10 per month, even if you can’t use 4G.

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I am in the Bay Area (San Francisco to San Jose Area). I don’t believe they cover that area. But honestly I just drop so many calls with At&t it just gets frustrating, I feel the pull of being a loyal customer and trying to make At&t work.

Any people that own the Captive want to chime in?

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Evo!!!! I love mine

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My friend works for Sprint and she said a lot of people get the EVO and then bring it back because it’s “too much phone”. I don’t think they are referring to the size of the phone but everything it does.
I have a BlackBerry and I love it, but when I can upgrade in November, I’m going with the EVO. They will probably never have 4G in my area, but I will still pay the extra $10 a month.

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Don’t get the evo. Battery life sucks. You can’t use the wifi hotspot or the 4G features for very long. It’s just getting a lot of attention because these are firsts. 4G is not perfected yet in North America, but will be soon. I say between 6 months and a year it will be solid. As for the wifi hotspots, so many phones will pick this up in the coming months, especially on shitty carriers who want to take the load off their networks.

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The Samsung Captivate is faster than evo 4g (hummingbird 1ghz – snapdragon 1ghz snapdragon is almost 2years old) and you can use 4g in very few places. Captivate has in my oppinion a cleaner User interface and the super amoled screen.I suggest you buy

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I bought the Evo and love it. Captive draw back is it is on Att. Where I live I get 4g quite frequently. I am very pleased with the phone.

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