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Would you describe yourself as an interesting person?

Asked by Facade (22899points) August 3rd, 2010

If so, why?
If not, why not?

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Everyone has a story…most are interesting. I hope that I’d fit in there somewhere.

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I used to believe I was so interesting the government must surely have been watching me constantly. Does that make me interesting?

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I let other people call me “interesting”.

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I’m so darned interesting that people come from miles around just to sit at my feet and be intrigued and entertained. Okay, well, a few people from the neighborhood come. Okay, well, just my next-door neighbor. Oh yeah, I don’t talk to my next-door neighbor and don’t know anybody who comes to be intrigued and entertained. But I do enjoy my own company. Sometimes.

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Yes, I would love to be on that TV show, everybody has a story.

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I’m interesting in a “What the fuck is wrong with her?” kinda way.

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I seem to be interesting enough to care about what happens to me tomorrow.

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interesting in an entertaining sorta way, maybe eccentric or a bit off… hmmm or on maybe

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We’re all interesting, myself included. Like what @MissA says, we all have a story.

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I think I’m interesting when I’m not stubborn. :P

Some interesting facts (not based on opinion):
– my whole name is very uncommon
– I belong to a small religious denomination

Opinionated reasons why I think I’m interesting:
– I will eat any kind of food, and I like most foods, too
– My favorite topic to talk about is “what will come after the postmodern era?” (maybe I’ll post that on fluther for a good conversation)
– I’ve managed to keep out of all my college debt by doing some very… odd jobs..

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No, I’m not interesting. I refuse to be interesting.

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I have an interesting resume, but I’m not the type of person most people would like to meet.

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Sure, wouldn’t you?

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@Facade Well, one can always change this.

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I have had quite life (lived a little), I’m a free spirit, have a unique way of seeing the world (according to my girlfriend which she loves) and I’m quite open.

I think that I’m interesting.

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I’d be interesting to some, to others I would not.

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There are things about me that are mildly interesting but I don’t think my personality is one of them. And I don’t like that about myself.

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To be honest, no, not really. Not yet, anyway. I don’t consider myself a boring person, but you certainly wouldn’t want to read an article about me. My personality might interest some I suppose, but I’ve lived a short and relatively uneventful life so far. The most interesting things in my life are the things that happen to other people in my life and the things that go on in my head.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Interesting doesn’t mean “like to meet”. Some very interesting people are not the kind I would like to meet, far from it. Although, I would like to meet you.

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I guess I am, I personally don’t know, but people seem to like me and new people I meet seem refreshed when they meet me.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@YARNLADY True. Charlie Manson is an “interesting” person.

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I don’t consider myself very interesting. There’s nothing particularly unique about me. Yes, I’ve been through some stuff in the past that others have not, but that’s only good for a single conversation and doesn’t keep me interesting.

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To be honest? I don’t think that I’m all that interesting, but I could be wrong. I have been, on occasion, told that I actually am interesting. Either I am, or I’m not. Either I actually am interesting, I have self-esteem issues or people are just being polite, or some combination of the above. Or, possibly, some people find me interesting and some people don’t. It is the latter that I am inclined to believe is the truth.

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Well, some people seem to think so and some don’t. Same way I feel about them. Since there’s no universal standard for interestingness, I guess estimations will vary.

I will say that some people whom I think are interesting seem to regard me in the same way, so that’s good, but there’s probably the same sort of reciprocity between plenty of pairs that I think are mostly boring.

Sorry, this was a boring answer.

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@Jeruba Yes, a very boring answer. I think you have indeed answered the question; you are not at all interesting. :-)

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I don’t think I would describe myself as an interesting person. I might describe myself as someone who knows a lot of interesting information. Not sure how others would describe me.

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It is more important to make the person you’re with feel they are interesting.

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I’m quirky and silly and bright
but interesting would be subjective. lol

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no. I’m a plain and boring minimalist

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I don’t think so, no. I think I’m boring. But I get “weird” a lot. Go figure.

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I am so interesting I even amaze and intrigue myself!

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I am the second most interesting man in the world. I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Bud Lite.

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It would depend on who I was describing my self to and what other “interesting” thing or person I can reference for comparison.

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@worriedguy You said: “It is more important to make the person you’re with feel they are interesting.” That, right there is the great secret. The secret to being a good listener, to being a great conversationalist, the secret to making friends and influencing people, the secret to making other people think that you are actually the one who is interesting, and the secret to being a good friend, though your good friends will also understand that they sometimes have to make you feel like the interesting one.

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If your real with yourself (aka not a poser) by default that makes you more unique than everyone else, and unique is another good question would be:
” How real are you? ”

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@Dewey420 well by your standards I must be fascinating. :)

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its better to be interested, than interesting.

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I’ve had an interesting life, but I don’t think I’m particularly interesting.

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@lillycoyote Very interesting. ;-) I’m glad you saw and understood my comment.
The question brings this to mind.

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ahh country and western! no warning?

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Will leave that up to the “eyes of the beholder!” To some yes, others, no!

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Oooh! I just remembered a comment that one of my guests made at a party we hosted last fall. I invited people from several settings that I thought would get along well, mostly writer-editor-literary types. At the end one woman I’d known for some 15 years in a limited context said to me, “I should have known that an interesting person would have interesting friends.” So I guess she thought so.

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@Jeruba You may be right. That might be a very good barometer as to exactly how interesting any of us really are. If we have interesting friends, then we very well could be much more interesting than we might think we are. If our friends are interesting, then we probably are to, or why else would they be interested in being our friends?

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@lillycoyote I don’t know… maybe your interesting friends like you for something else. Lets say I have some very interesting friends who I invite over for the evening. Will they show up because they know other interesting people will be there and the food, drinks, and music will be awesome? Maybe they like me for something else other than being interesting.

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@AmWiser O.K., I’m just going to have to admit it. My interesting friends only like me and hang around with me because the sex is so hot; I guess I’m not really “interesting” at all, and the sooner I accept that, the better off I’ll be :-)

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@lillycoyote LOL! That’s what I’m talking about. I guess one man’s uninteresting is another man’s interesting.

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@AmWiser That’s is so very sweet of you, to even think that hot sex might be an alternate explanation for my friends finding me interesting. Trust me, it’s not. That ship sailed a very, very long time ago. But adore you for even considering the possibility.

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I don’t really get what makes a person interesting. Like, my paternal grandmother has had a fascinating life. She was a simultaneous interpretor for the trials at Dachau and before that she had a very fascinating cloak and dagger lifestyle during the war. But she’s one of those people who when she tells a story, she focuses on the mundane minor dull details. She’s managed to take her life story, which should be riveting and way past interesting, and she comes off as extremely dull and boring to many folk.

At the same time, I’ve met many people who can take an ordinary everyday, humdrum existence and make a great story out of nothing. THESE people I find interesting.

So I have no idea whether or not I’m interesting. I have a good backstory, but I’m not very interesting in person.

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