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Would anyone like to help me name my new puppy?

Asked by Randy (11194points) August 3rd, 2010

I just got a Boston Terrier earlier this evening. He’s a cute, sweet little puppy but I don’t know what to call him yet. I have a few ideas but nothing that really sticks out. I’ve got to come up with something soon so that he can used to his name. Something clever would be nice but anything goes! Let’s see what you got!

Here’s the little guy. I got this picture from the breeder so I don’t know what the deal is with sheetrock joint compound.

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Toast. Pickup Andropov. or Lou.

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Don’t worry about not naming him right away. Watch him for a couple days, his name will probably become obvious once you know his demeanor.

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snoopy….he is adorable…...Frank.

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i would try to have as few syllables in the name so the pup will get it easier. Pets that end up with common people’s names can be adored more as they will really take on the part of a family member. Example; I named one of our cats “Russel”. Sort of after a drummer in a fictitious band. They will seem more like one of us? Sometimes something they do early in life will get them a name. It will come to you.

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Othello—-> See Matches his color. It’s a pretty original name…Or maybe Oreo, but that’s not as awesome.

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He is so incredibly adorable…I can’t even fathom a name cute enough for him.

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that guy looks like a “Dennis”

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He really is cute! I am of the same school as @WestRiverra. Don’t rush to name him. Just call him puppy for a day or two and play with him, get to know him. Observe what he likes and what he does. He will name himself through his actions.

Or you could always consult the people who dream up the ridiculous names for race horses. :-)

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He is sooo cute!! Congrats!
I think you should name him Rafiki after that one monkey in lion king

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He looks like you could go down different routes naming him. A cute name would work, a smart name would work, a normal male name would work (example: Henry, Dave, Phil, Frankie), etc.

Do you have any favorite poets, philosophers, mathematicians, authors, or scientists? He could easily be an Einstein, Newton, Poe, Thoreau.

Or maybe a favorite character of a book/movie? The possibilities are endless. :] Just pick whatever fits him best!!

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He is absolutely cute.

Why not go for Sam Malone, Sam for short. He is a Boston terrier after all.

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Sheetrock. :D

Harvey, or else Properispomenon. Or maybe your favorite fruit?

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He looks like a Bruno to me.

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Domino, Oreo, Tulouse, Cutestthingyoueverdidsee. For some reason I feel the dog should have a name ending with the letter ‘O’. It just seems fitting for that cute round face.

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I like Mingus

Puka, Flip, Ringo (the kid), Esch (M.C. Escher), Gatt, Zookie, Moflay, Venn.

Papi, Chowda, Southie, Sox, Williams (Ted), Youkilis, Pedroia, Fisk, Carl (Yastremzski).

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He’s gorgeous. I would call it Canelloni!

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@rpmpseudonym how about othello?

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@Afos22 I love it, but it’s not up to me.

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The Rudeness

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He is flippin’ adorable! The first thing that jumped out at me was “Boxer”. I have no idea why. I also like “Grey” (black & white, mixed together, see?).

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He is soooooooooo gorgeous..!! Looks like a ‘Bob’ to me….

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Frasier. Well he is a Boston Terrier…...cheers!!

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He looks like a “Pugsley”

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Awwwww! Adorable.
Call him Poe

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my friend has a dog named Kitty. it’s really fun.

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I like the name Kitty for a dog. I think it’s cute to name dogs after other animals. For example, I had a dog (he lives with my folks now) that I named Moose.

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Nutmeg. Pipsqueak.

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Midas, Sir Goldenpoops, Sergei, Illigal Narcotics Dog (Yo dawg, you got the stuf?? That depends, you got the money? You got the stuff? You got the money? You got the stuff? You got the money? Probably. Aight, here’s your cocaine, fresh from dr. scruff.)

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Maybe Bear? My friend named their huge wolf/german shepherd mix Bear, but I think it would be cute to name a little dog after such a big animal! :]

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@Randy So have you picked a name yet??

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how ‘bout “Stripe”?

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These are all beyond great!

@Dewey420 I like the idea of a different animal name also.
@jenandcolin I really like the sound of Moose. I’ve been trying it out a little today and it rolls off the tongue well. I think that maybe what I go with.

Keep the ideas coming guys. This is great!

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Here’s a list of male dog names I’ve found:

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I wish I had a cute little Boston Terrier like yours! Congrats!!!

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maybe Kenny?

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