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Weird computer problem, automatically downloading random pictures to a file on harddrive, why?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) August 4th, 2010

How can I stop this from happening, how can I find and erase these images?

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Most probably you have a virus. Do the following.

1) Run anti-virus software.
2) Check any suspicious pgm is running. If so then termniate it.

BTW, those pictures what type are those?

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PIctures from sites I’ve been on, pics from friends pages on Facebook

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If you have some sort of software that you accidentally hit a setting on, that caused this, then identifying that software and changing the setting is the only thing that will work.

But, if this is an issue due to a malicious attack on your machine, then you can solve it by doing the following:

First, (and do it first cuz you don’t wanna wipe out what you do after this) do a system restore to a time when you did not have this problem. That may or may not fix your symptoms. Then, after that, whether or not the symptoms are fixed,

download and install the following:

spybot search & destroy
malwarebytes anti-malware

Run the free but full versions of each of these programs, but do it separately of course, always.

This is assuming you’ve already done an anti-virus scan. If you haven’t, then do that too.

Then after that, download Picasa from , and install and run that. This will tell you where in your hard drive every single image is. You can then delete any you don’t want.

To check if a suspicious program is running, you can sometimes (but not always) find it as a running process. Go into Task Manager and see what’s up.

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It is probably just your browser cache. Read this.

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Does not sound like a virus. @johnpowell is right, it is probably the normal browser cache.

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Agreed with @johnpowell. What file is it saving these pictures to?

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If you are having problems with your computer the best solutions is to erase your hard drive and reinstall your OS. Of course you would back up your data first. THis usually can get rid of any unnecessary problems occurring.

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@zwingli that’s an absolutely absurd over-reaction to 95% of computer issues.

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My solution is obviously a last resort. But if you want a quick fix without tormenting yourself over numerous issues I would suggest a clean install. But everyone has their preference on how to manage their computer.

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