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Is Jailbreak (for iPod touch) really worth it?

Asked by eambos (8909points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

As most of you know, jailbreaking voids the warentee. I purchased the $20 January update, so I’d like everyone’s opinion on this topic.

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You can restore an iPod Touch or iPhone to an Apple firmware quite easily. I’m not sure if it completely wipes the storage so its possible that jailbreaking may leave some files laying around but your average dude at an Apple store won’t know the difference.

Having said that, I played around with my iPod being jailbroken for a while. Installed a few apps. Played around with the filesystem. It would probably have been more fun if I’d have sat down and did a small project on it but I just haven’t done that yet. I really just use the thing for music and web browsing when I’m not near a computer.

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I dont think its worth, I am waiting for the update in June so I can do a lot more the right way, and I’ve heard of people who messed up their itouch, so I think it better to wait, but its up to you.

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can someone tell me what is jailbreak?

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Um… I would definitely say it’s worth it! The third party community is miles ahead of Apple on software development. In fact, 2.0 has already been hacked! And like the first poster said, you can restore it to factory defaults so that they can’t tell the difference.

My iPhone is jailbroken, and unlocked (I’m currently using T-Mobile with it).
I used to have a touch that I had jailbroken.
Both Software mods were worth it!

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Well, its been mostly positive comments, so I think I’ll mess around with jailbreak a little bit.

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The jailbreaked version is not miles ahead of Apple. The BSD subsystem is messy, and inefficient. Granted there are a number of apps out there, they are not standardized – and as a long time Apple user I am accustomed to standards.

At best the jailbreak platforms (installer and cydia) are at best like Linux. Functional, but far from polished.

The 2.0 firmware was rumored to have been cracked, but the same quality will perpetuate. The open source community is a far cry from the Apple-issued SDK, but in the wrong direction. The apps are still not fully stable, full of memory leaks, unconventional install schemes (installing half the program in mobile and other half in root)... Saying it is far ahead of Apple is misguided.

My iPhone is jailbroken. But once 2.0 hits, I’m totally ready for the App Store.

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Wow, awesome answer squirbel:)

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The apps are good, but I think it is only because they are novel. The novelty wears off after a while when you want it to “just work” all the time. At any rate, it’s totally worth doing. And a restore in iTunes is a pure clean restore, with no trash left behind.

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You are right squirbel. I should have said they are miles ahead of Apple in Hacking because every firmware that comes out is hacked.

I have none of the problems that you are experiencing though. Maybe it’s the apps you use? Meh, who knows? But I agree with you 100%!

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So, jailbreak it is. I’ll give a try, maybe a week or two and if I get bored I’ll just reset. Thanks everyone.

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I have a new question, should i try and jailbreak 1.1.4 or reset to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 and jailbreak?

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lol, it doesn’t void your warranty. Its just software, and can easily be restored with iTunes, if your dumb enough to do mess it up, since all you do is go to a website and click a button.
I have my iPod jailbroke and havnt had to restore it, ever. It was really easy to do, and the installer for apps is simple.

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Lol just noticed your last post after I hit answer. It doesn’t matter too much, but I’m on 1.1.2 and havnt had any troubles. I know lots of people who use 1.1.3 and1.1.4 with no problems either, so it doesn’t really matter. I would go with 3 or 4 if you want the January update (mail, weather, maps, stock, and notes)

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thanks bassist

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so what is jailbreak ???

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Ask fluther or just search it and you will find out. It takes a while to explain.

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jailbreak is when you hack an iPhone/iPod Touch to allow free third party applications to run on it. Just google iphone jailbreak for more info.

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I jailbroke it, and its fun. Once I get bored I’ll just reset it so I can getthe June update.

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Im just about to jailbreak my ipod touch 3rd gen, i really like the sound of it
Im using blackra1n

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