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Making your own flavored coffee?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) August 4th, 2010

Hear me out…
I don’t take any sort of sweetener in my coffee. I don’t think it would be wise to put actual sugar in with the coffee to brew, I suspect it would get sticky and gunk up my machine.
But what about stevia? Occasionally I will buy flavored stevia… could I put something like that in while I’m brewing my coffee? In the filter or in the pot itself?
I buy flavored coffees of course, for when I’m in the mood to have something different. Just curious if anyone has other suggestions for making your own flavors at home.

(I don’t much care for cream in my coffee, either, so flavored creamers are kind of out.)

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I don’t like flavored coffee but my friend puts pure vanilla extract in her grounds prior to brewing. She likes it a lot but I’ve never tasted it.

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You know if you take a jar and add vanilla bean to it. You got vanilla sugar. You can also add cinnamon… Makes it taste good.

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i don’t drink it regularly.. i like a bottle of water in the morning **shrug**, but when i do I like half hazelnut half creamer (tiramasu was good) and top it with some whip cream and one pink packet.

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I love love love vanilla lattees, where they add hot milk, froth and vanilla syrup to a shot of coffee, but instead of making that at home, I put a little vanilla essence in my coffee. My friend bought me vanilla flavoured instant coffee for my birthday (in a hamper of goodies, so sweet!) and when I ran out I started adding vanilla essence and it tastes just the same! Add a spoonful of sugar if you need to sweeten it up.

I love @Frenchfry ‘s answer, sounds even more yummy!

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I like the mocha frappachinos.. I’d drink the little bottles in the morning if they weren’t so expensive..I guess I could just put ice in my coffee :\

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@ninahenry what is “vanilla essence?” Is that the same as imitation vanilla?

@Dewey420 I do the iced coffee all the time at home. That is one of the rare occasions that I will take some sort of sweetener in my coffee, actually. :)

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vanilla essence/vanilla extract

That’s what I use, it’s a UK brand but you’ll find it elsewhere. You’ll probably also find more syrupy versions but I like the low-calorie option.

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Ohhh, so it is the same, just a different name. Thank you!

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@TheOnlyNeffie :) I don’t think it’s imitation vanilla though, but I’m also not sure how it’s made, some kind of extracting process I’d presume :P

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I have just put vanilla in the cup,I’m drinking.As for stevia,a friend grows it and puts the leaves in the filter for sweetness as it brews.

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I use vanilla syrup flavoring, but I put it in the bottom of the glass coffee container, not in the grounds. Sometimes I use Bailey’s® Irish cream, an alcoholic drink, which I pour directly into the cup.

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We keep cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and nutmegs on the counter to grind up a little or put pieces in to soak.

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I sometimes use flavoured syrups but I put them in the cup, not the coffee-maker.

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