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Are you a organ donor?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) August 4th, 2010

My mother and my sister were on kidney dialysis. My sister at age 29 . She had a transplant and helped her live four more years . I am grateful for those extra four years. My mom refused it. She passed away at age 43. So YES I am a organ donor.

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No, but thanks for putting it on my radar.I’ll do it when I renew my drivers license.

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Not yet! ;-) But I hope there are enough usable bits left when I go to be helpful! I’m already registered.

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Yes,I have been since the age of 18 ;)

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Signed my card when I got my learners permit, 33 years ago.

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Yes. But, I hope to keep ‘em a looonng time.

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Yes I am….a near and dear colleague 2 years younger that me died suddenly last month, and I was told 66 people will live to see another day or have their lives significantly improved due to his signing that authorization for organ donation. Just do it before you don’t get the chance to!

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Yes, I am, and it says so on my Driver’s License.

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Takes 45 seconds to register.

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As soon as I was 18 I went to the driver’s license office and got the donor sticker. My dad, for whatever reason, doesn’t want his family to donate their organs. It scares him or freaks him out, I’m not really sure. I find that totally ridiculous. My husband, mother and anyone else that would have a say, have express instructions to donate my organs if something were to happen to me. If I have something someone can use after I no longer need it, they are welcome to have it.

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Not yet because I am not old enough to sign up as one at this point in time, but I will register as one as soon as I can. Why would you leave your organs to uselessly rot in your dead self when they could be saving someone else?

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@Fly If you’re not 18 your parents can sign with you to make it legal. It was the way I did it at 16, but that was a few years ago.

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@Adirondackwannabe I wasn’t sure if you could do that or not because I was fifteen when I got my permit, so it wasn’t even an option at the time. Thanks for the info, I will definitely do that when I get my license.

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Yes. But only when I am dead.

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Absolutely! My children (under 18 ) have a card they carry with my consent as well.

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Yes. Meat is meat. Parts is parts. And dead meat is parts.

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@Lightlyseared : Very poetic. :-) I agree, by the way.

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Yes, I have signed for it on my driver’s license. Also, I have a Halachic Organ Donor card ( to make sure that things are dealt with in accordance with Halacha (traditional Jewish law).

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Great Question @Frenchfry . You’ve educated a lot of people. I hadn’t thought of the religon angle. I’m sure more people would sign up if they knew there was a way to do it without violating tenets of their faith. How about any other faiths. Are there ways to do this?
@answerjill Great Answer.

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Yeah. I mean, if I die.. It’s not like I’m gonna need the organs anymore.
Why not give them to someone who actually needs them. Who knows, they could save someones life.

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That was supposed to say tenents.

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@Adirondackwannabe : No, you were right the first time with “tenets”

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I think I’m a donor by default over here. Don’t want to be, certainly not by default.

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Help yourself.
I’m not going to need any of ‘em.

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@Zyx Why not? It massively inceases your chances of surviving if you need a transplant!

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Perhaps, but aside from my sympathy for the angry mob in the monster of Frankenstein story, I really hate that our society has moved from “He deserves a proper burial” to “We need his parts”. Just feels icky, I’m not going to be very pragmatic about this.

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@zyx People have to donate where you live?!

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@answerjill NY state’s legislature just consider such a bill, briefly. It’s called implied consent. If you don’t opt out your organs are up for grabs.

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@answerjill & @Adirondackwannabe

Sorry, I started this off with “I think” and it turns out I was just wrong.
I live in the Netherlands and though the letter I got when I turned 18 implied something very different it turns out I can’t be touched unless I give them permission. Maybe I’ll tell them they can have my redundant systems, still need the rest in case alien technology wants to interface with my corpse.

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@Zyx – Ah, thanks for the clarification! @Adirondackwannabe – Wow…

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