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What's the grey mushy stuff inside my BBQ chicken?

Asked by chocolatechip (2999points) August 4th, 2010

I’m currently eating one of those roast/BBQ whole chickens you can buy at grocery stores nowadays. Anyways, the cavity of the chicken is filled with grey mushy stuff. What is this stuff?

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It’s cooked blood (and various other juices). You can sometimes see the same sort of thing when you put a steak under the broiler or cook a hamburger, only there it looks like it solidified in the process of dripping out of the meat. In your chicken, gravity pools the fluids there and then it congeals as it cooks. It’s OK to eat.

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Thanks for your timely answer, as I’ve nearly finished stripping off all the meat. I don’t think I’ll be eating the mass of congealed blood and bodily juices though. It doesn’t look too appetizing.

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The small round solidified bits are the remaining parts of the liver not easily removed in standard processing.

As long as the chicken is fresh, it can be quite tasty. I always tease out those little bits yum.

That’s provided of course that one likes chicken livers normally :)

Otherwise just skip it. Also, if the chicken is a bit less than fresh, that’s the first part to begin tasting funky from the beginning stages of spoilage.

That gives you an idea of the stores practices regarding freshness :)

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Now I know what I took a bite out of yesterday!Oooooohhhh..I almost barfed when I read this XD

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What @laureth said. Other noteworthy participants are fat and skin, which get shoved into the cavity during the spitting process.

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inedible, run, run as fast as you can !!!! will someone think of the children !!!

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@Buttonstc – based on the location of those liver-like bits you mentioned, I always assumed they were the kidneys.

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Well they taste exactly like liver so I assumed they were.

From having eaten kidneys of other animals (not lately tho) I know there’s a big difference in both texture and taste between kidneys and liver.

But I guess it doesn’t matter since they taste equally good as long as the chicken is fresh.

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