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Is "racist" no different than "yo' mama"?

Asked by josie (29123points) August 4th, 2010 The question comes from this editorial. Has the charge “racist” become so over used that people simple do not listen to it any more? Are you tired of it? Or do you think it is still a useful way of obfuscating genuine issues?

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I’m weary of the racism card because it is used a lot. I don’t even pay attention to things about race anymore unless it is blatantly obvious. I haven’t encountered many racist people in the past few years, but that is because I am surounded by smart people, but I am aware that racism still exists.

Usually when I hear the racist card pulled, it is for something trivial like, “That old white lady shortchaged me, she’s racist,” or “That black guy won’t hire me because I’m white, he’s racist.” etc. So I don’t really listen to those people because they jump to such inaccurate conclusions that it makes me doubt their logic in general.

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@Blackberry That’s an interesting point about “surronded by smart people”. I see the same thing. When you hang out with “smart people” they see more than just skin, or sex, or age.
@josie Or geese.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, there is a polemic difference between some places in the deep south, and NYC for example. In one place there is extreme diversity, and in the other place there are people still getting over racial issues and injustices for example. I was raised in a place where we did not have racial issues.

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Politics is dirty business and if they aren’t throwing down the race card they will exploit your religious beliefs, your NRA membership, your sexual preference or your penchant for wearing plaid shorts. So this is business as usual….dirty business at that.

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@Cruiser That kinds of sums it up. I don’t see skin color or age or sex when I interact with people, because I’m not looking for an issue to use down the line. Your statement just points out what low lifes we have for politicians.

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@Adirondackwannabe I myself would be a bit more cautious with casting dispersions directly at politicians and even though they of all people should know better….they once were one of us…saw a need to get involved. WE voted them into office and they simply got swept up in the “politics” of politics. Doesn’t make them less guilty of their digressions and at these moments it is easy to point fingers….sometimes too easy.

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Politicians nowadays use the race card at the drop of a hat. Racist is an overused term, but it still carries a lot of weight in political circles. I get so tired of seeing the race card played no matter what the political game is.

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I deeply, deeply resent being called “racist.” Neither I nor any of my friends of African descent see me as a racist. Calling me a “racist” in real life will probably earn you a rather severe beating. Calling me a racist online will definitely earn you a delete, ignore, or kick.

As to the term being overused, I totally agree. These days it seems as if a “racist” is anyone who doesn’t agree with your politics, particularly if you’re a liberal African-American. This is a perception on my part without any corroborating evidence to speak of, I might add.

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@CaptainHarley I’ve noticed the same; ‘racist’ is now lobbed to discredit your opposition.

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Remember the boy who cried “Wolf!” too often? He’s now a pile of wolf-crap rotting in a field!

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I’m not concerned with racism. I believe that its one of those things that if you don’t give it light, it will go away. Racism only fuels more racism.

I’m not even sure that most people that use the “racist card” know what real racism is.

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There is racism?

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Talk about your oxymorons… Politically Correct.

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Of course. Racism is the new politically correct. It’s okay these days.

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Yes, the whole racist thing is old. I still see racism, or at least hear it sometimes. I live in Kentucky and when I forst moved here overheard a store clerk using the “N” word to a policeman in fromt of me. I don’t know hat look I had on my face but I was surprised and the policeman must have noticed because he said something in a low voice to the clerk.
On the other hand, I think that there are people who are just looking for an excuse to say “discrimination” to get things to which they’re not entitled, or just to raise a fuss. I look at them the same way I look at anyone who is lookingfor something to be offended about,. Seek and ye shall find. I just distance myself. And I do not allow anyone to back me into a corner over stupid shit. Your behaviour and ability to converse is what I look at. And if you know any good Monty Python quotes.

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“The bloody parrot has expired! He’s joined the bleedin’ choir eternal! He’s shuffled off this mortal coil! He’s bloody well dead!” : D

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@CaptainHarley ”... d’you want to come round to my place?”

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@CaptainHarley Don’t go there. The next line is; “I thought you’d never ask.” I was not trying to flirt. I don’t know how to flirt. I just come right out and say if I’m interested.
Sticking to the script is very important;
“Is he Jewish?”
“Well we don’t want any more Samaritans around here…”

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