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Why can't I sign into YouTube?

Asked by athletickid9 (1points) August 4th, 2010

Every time I try to sign into YouTube it’s been redirecting me to google and saying I need to have my cookies enabled. I am using the latest version of Firefox and my cookies ARE enabled. I even used custom settings and enabled the cookies in all ways. I have noticed my firefox has been speeding up a little, too. But I just can’t figure it out!?

Btw I can sign in to YouTube on IE but that browser is just too slow. What do I do for Firefox?

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Is your YouTube account linked with your Google account? Try unlinking them when signed into YT on IE. YouTube fails a lot of the time, but I think this is more of a Firefox thing, I’m not sure though.

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If firefox doesn`t work why don’t you try with Google Chrome?

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you may not have the choice anymore to not log in with your google gmail account email and password. they are uniting the two services, kind of annoying actually, because it depends on you to stay logged in to your google account i think in order to access your youtube account

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