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How's your iPhone 4's battery life?

Asked by chocolaterain (2points) August 4th, 2010 from iPhone

Just got an iPhone and I don’t seem to be getting the battery life most people are getting. I’ve gotten 5 hours of wifi and I’m at 30% left. Engadget says they got 38 hours of heavy use! Mine can’t get near that many hours. So I’m just curious, how’s your iPhone 4’s battery?

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It lasts over a day as long as I don’t use many applications or talk much on the phone. If I use it sparingly with text and applications, it still lasts less than 24 hours.

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@Luffle If you go into Settings>General>Usage how many hours does it say? Are you happy with your battery?

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Same for me, @chocolaterain. Even with Push, WiFi and 3G turned off, I get no better battery life than on my previous 3GS.

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@Austinlad This stinks. Just curious though, did you first drain your iPhone battery then use it? Or did you charge it fully then drain it. Or what are your charging habits?

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Ditto here. The battery life is the same if not worse than my 3GS.
I must admit this bums me out. Also I caught the tail end of a news story from Germany stating iPad and iPhone had serious security issues. I have to research to see if this is legit and if it is just iPhone 4 or the ios4 software.

I am a sad puppy.

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Interesting. In my experience (coming from an iPhone 3G) it’s been better. I took it to Yosemite for a week and between putting it in airplane mode when I had no signal, using it heavily when I did have signal and using it aggressively for taking photos and video it held up well. I recharged it three times in six days: twice for 15 minutes and once 4%→94%. Overall I’d say it was pretty good (and definitely better than the iPhone 3G—I can’t speak to the iPhone 3GS).

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@timtrueman I’ve moved from an iPhone 3G too but just curious, what do you do “aggressively” on the phone? Also when you first got the phone did you drain it then fully charge or what did you do? Thanks for your answer.

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Hey Tim- want to trade phones ;)

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@chocolaterain I was in Yosemite so I was taking and showing lots of photos and videos. I did do the full charge trick when I got it but I don’t think you have to these days. The battery microcontrollers are pretty awesome at their jobs now.

@Dog No thanks! ;)

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