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Your SO says to you, "I don't want you anymore." What's your reaction?

Asked by Facade (22902points) August 4th, 2010

Would you be ok with it?
Would you try to fight for your relationship?

How would you react?

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My response would be, “good bye.”
Of course I wouldn’t be ok with it, unless I didn’t want him anymore either. And why on earth would anyone fight to keep a person who flat out says they’re not interested?

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@Likeradar I don’t know, but some people do it. Maybe we’ll find out through some of the answers here.

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“Oh, well, your loss. See ya”.

.“And why on earth would anyone fight to keep a person who flat out says they’re not interested?”

Yes, why?

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Now go, walk out the door
Don’t turn around now
Coz you’re not welcome anymore…..

Nah not really, i’d most probably realise she was pissed & throw a bucket of fish at her to sober up….I mean the neighbours might hear.

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I wouldn’t believe it.

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i’d think, hmmm… ok, cool, now i can go and hunt down facade with a clear conscience.

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@mammal Haha! Can’t catch me!

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If it were said with the kind of finality that I infer from the question, I’d get out of there fast without trying to discuss it. Any relationship that had brought one of its partners to that point needs reappraisal by the other—at a distance.

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Depends on the situation…if we were playing bags and I sucked as her partner I could see her “not wanting me” on her team anymore. If it was about our relationship, I would consider the strong language used and depending on her “tone” and if was particularly strong, I would conclude she has thought this through and that there is not much I can do about it and I would try and not let on how much I would be looking forward to the peace and quiet!!

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I am sure that I would feel pretty awful.
But I do not think it does any good to try to hang on to something that is clearly over at that point. I would move on.

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I would say goodbye. If they are done with me, I am not going to waste my time trying to convince them otherwise. Plus I’d never want to date anout that outright said that.

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I would be deeply hurt, but I would not go down on my knees begging for mercy. I would want to know what I had done wrong and then, off I would go, I don’t want to be an obstacle to anyone’s life!

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Assuming this came out of nowhere, I’d want to know why. I’m not the type of person who likes to leave things unexplained.

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“What the fuck are you talking about?????”

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It has happened four times. Two had taken up with someone else. It was a blow to my pride, but you cannot change someone else’s feelings in that type of situation. They were wished well and bid good-bye. (One cried.) Another didn’t like the fact that I moved to another city for a career move while he was still in college. The 4th never gave a really good explanation, and it took several years before I finally realized that we had very little in common other than respect for each other as individuals. We would have been miserable if we had gotten married. It might have been much easier to get over if he had given a reason at the time. But communication was never a strong point for him, and I already knew that.

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I would look at him and say, ‘Tell me you do not love me, anymore’. And if he did, I would help him move. Then fall apart as my world shattered and my soul froze over.

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I beat them to the punch…“Fine I slept with your sister and your mother and they’re better in the sack…This is really a relief anyway because every time you were on top you were crushing me. Oh…and I know you’ve been working out but maybe you better tell your ass. Bye!”

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I’d might ask if there was anything to discuss. If she said no, I’d move on, hopefully with class, although I like seventh’s answer. I could add you really are a bad driver, and even worse rider, and my cooking is better than yours. Then Bye.

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“Oh and you have vaginosis”...“I guess you’re so used to it you can’t smell it anymore”
That’ll consume her for a evil

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I’d probably say something sarcastic, laugh, and then walk on. If someone said that to me, why would I cry or beg them to stay? I know I won’t be able to change their mind.

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My guess is I would already know.

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..oh and then I’d cry.

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“Yes dear.”

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I have had this has happen before to me. I cried my eyes out, said something like, “Really? What did I do?” and when there wasn’t a response, I said, “OK, then,” and left. He met another woman he wanted more. No one can stop their SO from meeting someone they’re more interested in, you know?

I’d take a similar situation with slightly better grace now. I was quite young when that happened.

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lol @ “Liar” and “Yes Dear”.. if i remember correctly it always ended up something like “whatever i’m the best you’ll ever’ll be back yada yada” ya, I’m single

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Would you be ok with it?
No, I haven’t been looking for a way out so I’d be crushed to learn he’d probably been thinking about leaving me for long enough to get up the fortitude to say it so bluntly.

Would you try to fight for your relationship?
No, it’s humiliating to still want the person much less start digesting how much they don’t want you.

How would you react?
I’d cry a little, get quiet and then want to go be by myself or with some friends to let myself breakup. I’d be angry to have to go through the cycles of sadness, longing and anger. I’d be angry to have trusted and invested.

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“Honey, can we talk about this? and don’t you dare say ‘It’s not you, it’s me’”

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I would be sad, but I would truly feel like it was his loss and that I could find someone else.

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At this point in our relationship I would be pretty shocked. After he said that you could probably knock me over with a feather as my old man used to say.

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I’d be really surprised because I know we’re more perceptive than that – and that I’d know signs before this utterance. But if he did sit me down and say that one sentence, I’d say ‘do you mean sexually or in general?’ and then I’d ask ‘where did we go wrong? and how did this happen?and are you interested in working it out?’...if for some ridiculous reason, he wouldn’t want to work on it, I’d be shocked and hurt and tell him that he knows where the door is and that he’d have 50% custody of the kids and that he can tell them himself.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I know that was hypothetical but reading it made me strangely sad…it’s unsettling to imagine you two separating!

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I would cry and ask why, what went wrong, and if we can try to work it out. If he didn’t want to work things out, I would let it go at that point, but I would be heart broken. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

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“That sucks”.

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I would walk away no questions asked, but then again I would cancel all the checks for the bills, and not pay the rent.
No explanation no money to keep themselves floating. This is from expirence then I cry.

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It’s happened to me twice. The first time I got no explanation, but I’m pretty sure I know why. I guess I was OK with it, I stopped seeing her. I felt let down and a little hurt. But I also felt the issues we had, would not have been easy to resolve. I concluded it was for the best and moved on. The second time I got the “I want to see other people.” Which I found out later, she was seeing others already. I was shocked because I mistakenly invested much more then her in the relationship. I tried to get her back at first, but she made up her mind and that was that. It turns out, stringing men along, then dumping them was a hobby of hers.

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I’m actually surprised(kind of) that you’d spill that in this forum.

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Well cause it’s a little close to home.

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@SeventhSense Hm, it’s a hypothetical situation – it would never happen this way, I know so it doesn’t bother me thinking about it…besides, I’ve revealed a lot more in this forum, anyway but you’re right: I keep my relationship close to me.

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I could never do what you two or the blonds do. I like to keep certain things personal from a SO.

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@SeventhSense you mean on Fluther? Ooooooh, I get what you’re saying now – you meant you were surprised at my answer given the fact that he might read it? ooooohhh…no no, that’s not a problem…nothing he doesn’t know anyway…and would completely agree with me…he doesn’t fluther as much as I do but knows, generally, what’s going on and follows some qs…we came from a forum like this, we came to be because of so we feel comfortable being here together

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