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You fall asleep in the arms of the one you love under the stars, you both wake to a glorious sunrise, what would be something that could burst this bubble of loveliness?

Asked by ucme (46639points) August 4th, 2010

Romantic night spent sleeping outside wrapped in an embrace with your s/o with the stars for company. Something’s gotta come along & ruin the moment, but what though? You decide, yes you!! Just a bit of fun.

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Been there, done that, eaten by mosquitos. Not a high-toned answer, I know, but it really blew the ambiance.

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My lover was devoured by coyotes in the night leaving behind only her arms?

Oh fuck… that’s creepy. *shudders

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The kids fighting.

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The romance level here is intoxicating!

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An Earwig in your ear.

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A long morning fart.

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The dingoes?

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Their choosing that moment to let you know that they don’t really know how they feel about you?... that’d probably ruin it for me, ha ha

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A bear ripping off @richardhenry’s head and eating it. :/

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A bear ripping off my head and eating it.

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I have to pee…

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I was going to say it hurts to pee, but I guess a bear is a lot worse of a mood killer.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You are one sick bastard, surely you’d have shot those pesky critters well before they had the chance to munch on your beloved.

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You’re on a planet where 10 seconds of exposure to the sun (actually, there are two of them) means certain death.

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If we were listening to Spotify, their adverts could really ruin the moment.

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@ucme, those bastards were too quick for me this time….

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My husband driving up.

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@Austinlad : Or maybe you’re a vampire and didn’t have to resort to interstellar traveling to get burnt up.

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Park ranger comes along and says “Park is closing now, time to leave….and time to put your clothes back on too!”

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-She/he deflated through the night.

-“I charge extra for a full night.”

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What wakes us up is a group of giggling kids.

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@JilltheTooth, thanks for the compliment. ;-)

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Fangs for the mammaries?

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You would not catch me dead, sleeping on the lip of Sanchez Canyon with Sara, waiting for the sun to rise. Not any more. Once was more than enough.

Sara—the light of my life: intelligent, beautiful, voice like an angel, yadda, yadda, yadda. Ok, so I was going to ask her to marry me at the crack of dawn—letting the fire of the rising sun make the diamond glow red.

We slept well. No, that’s a lie. We hardly slept at all, doing what any healthy couple might do way out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a few pieces of down between us and the rest of the world. Still, we were asleep just before dawn. Maybe we wouldn’t have heard the alarm on my watch—how deeply we were asleep.

First, it was like a train, far in the distance. Then it was a tractor going down the road. Then is was a poorly tuned dump truck rumbling by and we were both awake by this time, and there was this very gamy, manurey kind of smell all around.

The first thing we saw was something that looked like a dust storm, but then I began to make out some hooves there and a pair of horns here and a shaggy massive face. Yeah. A stampeding buffalo herd!

That’ll ruin your sunrise proposal any day!

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@Austinlad : Or, maybe you’re making fun of my name? understandable…

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A squirrel in the above tree peeing on o ne or both of us…

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A tsunami.

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she says, “next time, bring your A-game!”

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One throws up from drinking too much alcohol the night before.

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The sound of my celly alarm going off or his Blackberry vibrating or chiming.

mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe's avatar

the end of the world

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If I woke up and realized it was just a dream.

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