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What makes a good gift for your Godson for Easter?

Asked by gildo (42points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

My Godson is 6 yrs old..

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instead of a Easter basket

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How about starting a little savings account and adding to it on appropriate occasions? His college fund, his first house fund, his rainy day, his take-care-of-his-elderly-parent fund?

I’ve been doing that for a young relative since she was 9 months old. The fund is growing since others have joined in.

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@gailcalled thank you for your response.

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A pleasure. I also do that now for my little (4 and under) great-grand nephews since they have every toy ever invented (and they all make noise, are dyed garish colours and kill a growing imagination).

You sound like a wonderful godparent. Keep the little boy on the side of the angels. Appropriate question for this site, BTW. Thanks.

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