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Would you rather live ona farm,in the city, or in the woods?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) August 4th, 2010

It costs nothing just choose your favorite place to live.

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In a penthouse apartment with a lush garden and pool.

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Done all three. Prefer woods or farm. Advantages and disadvantages to either.

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In high school I’ve wanted to be Henry David Thoreau and live in the woods near Walden Pond. I got a chance to visit it a few years ago, which reignited my desire. Woods anywhere for me.

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In the woods, apparently there are some babes living there.

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On a bluff overlooking high prairie wilderness.

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Why not all three at once?

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I’ll stick to farms. Cities are too busy, and there’s not much room in the woods.

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Like @Adirondackwannabe, done all three. Perfer the woods with a lake and across from my golf course. Was there once until my ex talked me into buying a home in the “jet set” neighborhood. life and our mistakes!

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I’d like a few acres pretty close to a city. Not really in the woods, in a city, or on a farm.

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Can I have a cottage in the woods right next to a lake? :D

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I love being in the city. Farms are only OK, and I can’t spend more than a couple of days in the country without going batty, at least in the US. When I’m in the natural world, I prefer being seaside.

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A farm that had some woods.

mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe's avatar

one house in the city, and one in the woods

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The city! I lived in smaller towns growing up, but always dreamed of living in Seattle. I’m finally here and absolutely loving it.


I have done all of them, including desert. I much prefer the Ocean, coastal living is the best.

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Pacific Grove has it all and I would love to live there.

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I love to garden and big wide open spaces to watch sunrises and sunsets and star gaze…so I would take a farmette way out away from the city…preferably near or next to a large clean lake. I would have a massive wrap around porch to sit on my double wide glider rocker to watch the storms roll in and the dream work shop/recording studio out building. I would also have live stock not much just a goat, a pot belly pig, some chickens and lots of dogs. I am so there!!


Actually put me on a huge yacht and let me live in luxury without property tax or any of the crap that comes with owning real estate.

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In the woods with a huge clearing that has a gorgeous vegetable garden and a pool. Or a farm with low maintenance animals.

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I’d like to try each. Living in the city is awesome, tons to do, everything is nearby, etc. But I can’t deny the allure of farmhouses. Every time I drive through that land in upstate New York, I kinda wish I could live in a small farm town. The woods? Meh, that’d kinda freak me out.

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Actually there now…
Living the dream…

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A house in the city with at least 2–3 acres. Close enough to neighbors without being too close.

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The woods. You can do whatever you want without nosy neighbors. I used to love it when I lived in a wooded area. I still live in a very rural area however so I have some privacy.

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In the woods. My cottage would be soundproofed and have a huge outdoor bathtub on an enclosed patio.

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I own a farm in NH and a cabin in the deep Maine woods. I have lived, unwillingly, in cities but find it extremely uncomfortable to be in close proximity to large numbers of people. I’ll pick the farm as choice #1, the wooded hermitage as choice #2.

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Definitely in a city, and it would have to be a city with a good public transport network, because I can’t drive. I would be bored to death anywhere else.

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I want to and will live in the woods. I would build my own house, going hunting and foraging for food, and travel out of the woods into a small town everyday to do my job.

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Give nature a try. Snowshoeing through the woods on a really cold day, having a deer walk by three feet away without noticing you, and you’ll wonder how you ever put up with the city and the people.

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I’ve heard that living near a lake or pond creates a mosquito-infested environment. I don’t know if that’s true or not.
I had a pond right next to a new house. It was sometimes ugly and brown, sometimes lovely. We did have more mosquitos than I was used to. So long ago; hard to remember.

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@Aster Mosquitos breed in stagnant water, not healthy ponds. Dragon Flies prey on mosquito larvae, so a pond might result in less mosquitos, not more.

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@daytonamisticrip You’ll probably need to grow much or most of your food. We can’t forage enough off the land in most areas anymore. Especially areas near civilized settlements.

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you wouldn’t believe how much food there is. Snakes,deer,fish,worms,bugs,seeds,acorns,frogs,leaves,grass,and tree bark. To name a few. If there were ever a “shortage” of food i would go to the store.

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In an area where wild food is abundant, a small farm would be easy to maintain anyway I bet.

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@Adirondackwannabe Having a deer walking 3 feet from me and not noticing me sounds like a dream I would never want to leave! But in a way, knowing me, I’d be worried a mountain lion would be stalking the deer for lunch and me for dessert.

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@Aster One of the most pleasant memories I have. I heard the crunch of her feet on the leaves and leaned against a tree to break up my lines and she walked right by.

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@AmWiser How would you have 2–3 acres in the city? What city is that?

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@Aesthetic_Mess 2–3acres in the city was my wishful thinking. But here in some parts of mid-Michigan our cities have properties that sit on 1–2 acres. For instance East Lansing, Michigan, I know a property owner living on 1½ acres (close enough to neighbors, without being to close). I’ll have to research but I wouldn’t doubt someone have 2–3 acres here.

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