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If within your power, what would you do that would change the world drastically?

Asked by Kahhlos (61points) August 4th, 2010

For a better one ofcourse.

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I would vaporize every weapon on earth, from the smallest pistol to the biggest bomb. Can’t wait to see how many people disagree with me on this one.

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I’d institute, distribute, and implement birth control. Mandatory in some cases.

I, too, can’t wait to see how many people disagree with me – but hey, I’m just answering the question.

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No more poverty.

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I would get rid of suits and high heels.

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No religion and like @worriedguy, I’d get going on birth control mandates kind of like China.

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Give everyone the power to empathize and the skills to be able to understand respond to the feelings of others. If people could try “wakling in another’s shoes” there would be a lot less hate and violence.

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I would burn it down, problem solved (for the better, of course).

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I’d would abolish all laws and mores that reduce women to second class citizens so that legally and ethically men and women were truly equal.

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