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Do you trust your memory?

Asked by lapilofu (4325points) August 4th, 2010

Do you think you remember details? If you and a good friend had conflicting memories of the same incident, would you more likely stand by your story or concede that you might be miscalling?

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yes. what I dont trust is my lack of it

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I’ll always proof my right (even when I am wrong)

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@TogoldorMandar I know what that’s like. My memory tends to be complete to what I thought significant when I experienced something. Even when I don’t remember something I just set my mind to remember mode and after a few days I have an epiphany proving all my memory gets compressed and is not lost.

Sometimes I have to resort to shameless solipsism.

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Yes. I have a pretty good memory and remember most details- I even have a few fairly vivid memories from before the age of one. My friends and family tend to embellish and/or be forgetful, so I most often stand by my memory. I am rarely wrong when it comes to a conflicting memory, but I can admit it when I am.

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Not anymore. I never know if I forgot what someone said to me or if they never said it.

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Yes, generally. I have forgotten where I put things a few times lately—not too worried yet though.

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I trust it enough to make use of it, but not enough to be certain that it isn’t completely wrong sometimes.

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What was the question?

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I used to have an awesome memory, but since I started a certain medication for my anxiety it seems like my short term memory has gone down the toilet. I do tend to forget details when my s/o and I have disagreements and it is very frustrating. Typically he’ll remind me of details which helps.

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I study memory for a living, which has made me pretty skeptical of my own.

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I won’t really push it unless I’m absolutely certain that my memory is accurate; if that’s the case, I will certainly stand by my story. I usually recall things with alarming detail, it’s why I’m such a good story teller and why my impersonations are spot on :D

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Not likely. I have a terrible memory.

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I have a great memory of terrible things, and a terrible memory of great things.

I forget to take my ginseng. It helps me remember where I hid the viagra.

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yeah so here’s what would happen, i would recall a moment n if they recalled it differently or said “hey thats not what happened it went like this” we’d both retrace it and ask others until we found out for sure because i am waaay too stubborn to be wrong about things….but i’ve had my wrong moments where i looked and felt dumb =P

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Ever since listening to this episode of Radio Lab I’ve been very distrustful of my own memory—even things that seem very vivid to me. It’s an unsettling way to look at the world.

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Before the internet existed, I had the reputation of being a walking encyclopedia. It’s now so easy to double check that I usually do so, especially if I’m writing something that appears under my real name or doing something that might make or cost money.

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@Cruiser hahaha
I don’t as much as I get older.

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When it comes to practical stuff, I have the worst memory. I’ll always forget that I already had a conversation with someone or that something needs to be done. I have very vivid memories of things like sights and smells, or the “feel” of specific places, even if it was a long time ago.

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@Cruiser You never fail to impress. (-:
Not only Should I not trust my so=called memory, my daughter says I make things up! “I never said that, mom” is what I hear from her once a month. I can name dates and quote her and she’ll say she never made the statement.

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