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How can one get a boyfriend?

Asked by cnidarian (11points) August 4th, 2010

how can a person get a boy to want to become their boyfriend?

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Love potion #9

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Be slutty ~

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You can’t force anyone to like you or become your boyfriend. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink you know? Relationships will find you in time. The more you wait for something, the longer it takes. Also, relationships and boyfriends aren’t what they are cracked up to be. You can also take @bob_ s advice. I agree on the not taking bob_’s advice. Sorry bob!

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Don’t take @bob’s advice.

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some have boob jobs, other just be themselves.

and find a good guy, or a rotten bum. or a series of both.

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Get a life of your own, get involved in activities and become a well rounded person who lives with joy….I dunno if that will get a boy to like you- but who cares? You will like yourself and eventually someone will come around who’s a good fit. People are drawn to people who are interesting, so expand your interests.

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@jjmah Hey, she didn’t specify what type of boyfriend.

Also, I was being sarcastic. I’ve updated my answer with the corresponding ~

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@bobbay. I know that you were. I was just playin’, as well. Kiss and make up (all slutty-like)?

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@jjmah I’m sorry, I’m a one woman’s man now XD

If it makes you feel any better, she doesn’t make me sandwiches, either! D:

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Once you get him, believe me, at some point your question will be: “How can one get rid of a boyfriend?” Don’t be in a hurry, let things come naturally.

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If he likes you, he likes you. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. There’s no changing his mind either way. There are simple test you can do, to find out which way he feels.

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Let them come to you…you gotta tease them a little and make them work for it, otherwise they’ll just expect you to make them sandwiches….

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@tifa Make me a sandwich.

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But but, the way to a man’s heart except with a knife is through his stomach. Make him a bombass sandwich.

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There are many ways of making a boy want to be your boyfriend, and they all depend on the particular guy. But even then, the best way of actually getting into a relationship with him is: ask him out.

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Play hard to get.

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@Frenchfry wouldn’t work if he didnt like her in the first place

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1. You could watch The Ugly Truth and take Gerard Butler’s character’s advice or 2. be yourself, be able to accept flaws in others (after all we are all just merely human), do not put yourself on a pedestal, and eventually something will come your way.

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@Afos22 That’s true.
Always look and smells nice.
Flirt… and give lots of compliments.

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be yourself :) if it was meant to be it will happen ;)

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The age old question, in short, YOU CAN’T. How you can better your odds is to learn as much about him as you can without appearing as a stalker. Find out where he likes to go, talk about, do in his down time and develop interest in such. If he likes RC planes, learn about that. When you start talking his interest especially if he never thought you would be interested he will be intrigued. DO NOT try to start off hitting him with the b/f thing or expecting him to act like a boyfriend. When he discovers that he likes talking with you and having you around because he can share his interest with you, he will want you around more, and not because you have a nice rack or smooth cheesecake. The more he matches that “good feeling” with you, then, and only then, are you on the way to sparking romantic feelings within him, the real ones, not the ”I want into her pants” type.

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