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Would your relationship survive if your s/o became famous?

Asked by mycatsnameismaceo (71points) August 4th, 2010

This question is really meant for those of you that appreciate a quiet lifestyle, and have no desire to become known. (but anyone can answer, of course)

If you have been with your s/o for many years, then they become known for the work they do, would it change your relationship?

Can a relationship like this work? Your s/o gets fans that constantly want his/her attention, he/she may have a stalker, some people want to see/hear from you since you are the s/o, and all you want is to go hide in a cabin far far away.

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Too much work and too much of a disruption. Not interested.

Just being honest.

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Yes, I’m pretty good at staying in the background.

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Yes, as long as he takes his mom to openings. I would just want the lifestyle, not the hassle of people hounding me and my family. I’m pretty quiet and private, and wouldn’t want that to change.

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He already is in certain circles, and it hasn’t hurt a bit.

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I think my SO will become more known as more people get to know his music – I don’t think it’ll matter to me and I know it won’t matter to him – we both hope to get a laugh off groupies, if he has any.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I asked this question because my s/o is starting to get fans. We both laugh at the “super fan” that he has right now, but this person is starting to get creepy, in a stalkerish kind of way, and I wonder how it will be when he has more fans. I guess more laughs for us, right?

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I doubt it would work, but you can’t judge it until you’re in a situation like that. I want a quiet life in a little cottage in the woods right next to a lake. I want people to ignore me in the future like they do me now. I’m not used to much attention, so a lot of attention from a lot of different people would scare and upset me. If I truly loved him though, I’d travel any day and anywhere for him.

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@mycatsnameismaceo I suppose one never knows – people do get crazy.

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Yes. He has been a celebrity in a small way. It never went to his head. I was the one who helped him keep things in perspective, though. We were both glad when it was over.

[Edit] I’ve been a celebrity on about the same scale myself, so I knew what it was like. I think that helped. It didn’t go to my head either (and if it had, he’d have been right there to anchor me to reality).

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No, no, I would congratulate him and quietly slip away, not enough space in the limelight for both.

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Probably wouldn’t work. My father, grandfather and great-uncle were moderately famous; I hated the attention. If J were to become famous, I’d likely hide. I’ve spent my life avoiding publicity.

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Of course i’ll stay with him. Nothing much else other than infidelity or some other huge problem causing us to not get along anymore will make me want to leave him.

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If it was the sort of fame that had paparazzi clicking cameras at the gate, then no. I would be desperately unhappy living like that. If it was just a sort of “well-known in his field”, that would be fine. But if I’m going to answer the fan-mail, I better get paid for it.

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I prefer to be the farmer “outstanding in my field”~.

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Yeah i’d be her agent & demand 20% of everything… me the moneyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

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I would love it…. Sounds exciting.
I could hire me a cute bodyguard .

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After 44 years married to the same woman, yes, we would make it. matter of fact, i would be her promoter and we would make money together, hand over fist. yahoo!

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