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Who will buy Barnes and Noble?

Asked by zwingli (606points) August 4th, 2010

Who do you think will purchase Barnes and Noble?

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I didn’t know it was for sale.

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It actually isn’t for certain. It is just speculation at this point.

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I’m guessing Leonard Riggio, the original founder who owns 30% of the stock, and his newly formed investor group.

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Do you have any links to support for your assertion? I would definitely like to read more about this story.

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Amazon, anybody? Amazon seems to be positioning itself to take over the electronic book market and the Kindle is (from what I can tell) alot more popular than the Nook. One of the Nook’s weirdest features is that a portion of its screen is backlit, using up a constant flow of battery power. The whole point of these readers is that they don’t use power until the screen needs to be refreshed (a page turn for example). In my opinion, the Nook will crash and the Kindle reign supreme, which will take Barnes and Noble out of the electronic book market and leave them still only in the printed book market. Printed books are already going away, so Barnes and Noble will probably be purchased by Amazon. Just my opinion, tho.

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@tablack01 Like anyone would read about Barns and Noble…

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@camertron Amazon already owns Borders and Waldenbooks.

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