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Would panting cool me down?

Asked by Afos22 (3980points) August 4th, 2010

I’m sitting here next to this dog. She is panting; It is pretty loud and annoying. But, it got me thinking. Dog pants, she cools down. I pant, I look mentally unstable. I don’t think panting cools me down. Does it? If not, why not?

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Dog’s pant because they can’t sweat. Its basically their way of sweating. You’re a human so you sweat. So no, panting won’t help.

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Humans don’t perspire from their tongues. If anything, it will slightly dehydrate you.

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No it will not. Dogs have special glands in their bodies that is sort of like sweat to us. We cool down by sweating. Which somehow it doesnt seem to help. Fans work!


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I’m a fan of fans @saraSKELLINGTON

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Fans help by blow away our sweat right? and…it might be kinda cool to pant. :)

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Sweating only cools you down when the sweat evaporates. That’s why humid, still air feels hotter than dry, windy air of the same temperature. That’s also why fans work. They don’t actually cool the temperature of the air, they just move it about. But that’s enough to evaporate the sweat from your skin and make you feel cooler.

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@downtide the sweat thing I get, but do you think panting would have any effect?

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@Afos22 No. Dogs only do it because they have no sweat glands in their skin. Also, hyperventilating like that is bad for you.

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If you did it long enough you’d more than likely hyperventilate. Oh & look a little foolish in the process.

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I just tried it. I don’t feel any different. Wait maybe alittle light headed.

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Go ahead. You might pass out, though.

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Panting will cause you to lower the carbon dioxide levels in your blood, which then upsets the acidity levels.. It’s not good..
If you pant you’ll probably end up having a panic attack, fainting, giddy etc etc or similar symptons.

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No, because when you pant, your brain thinks there is something emergency going on and doesn’t calm or cool you down. Take a breath and calm down, that will work better.

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Do dogs hyperventilate? Why don’t they pass out.

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@Afos22 that is a really good question. I have absolutely no idea.

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No. all that would happen is perhaps an elevated heart rate and more oxygen than you need.

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