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What would the child you once were think of the adult you are today?

Asked by mollydrew (641points) August 4th, 2010

As a child you have thoughts of what it will be like when you are grown or what you would like to do with your life. If that child was to look at you now what would they think of you, of your achievements, marriage, how you have taken care of your body and mind. What would they say about you now?

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He’d be pretty disappointed. But he wouldn’t understand, either.

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He’d slit his throat with a straight razor—the judgemental little shit.

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Depends on the age of me as the child. The eight-year-old me would think I’m awesome. The fourteen-year-old me would say “Why did you drop art, you prick?”

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I’m pretty sure that my child-self would understand my adult-self. I did want to be Miss America, though. Or an Archaeologist.

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When did you become so talkative?

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The child wouldn’t recognize the adult. I was a self-centered intellectual loner who saw other children as obstacles to get around or cardboard cutouts to be ignored. He would understand my career choice (family tradition); but my current life, relationships and concern for others would be incomprehensible to him.

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He wouldn’t believe he could achieve this much but he’d be glad not to have changed.

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She would say that’s it. ? Where is the shiny new sportcar?

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Hi mate, I see you never grew up…, wanna play? Yay!!!

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He would say, “boy, what you went through, i’m surprised you are still here!”

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The child me would say, WOW you have come a long way baby! I am now the opposite of that shy meak child with no self confidence.

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She is a strong lady (emotionally) and a lot of fun.

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Atta boy!

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I never thought that far ahead. Still don’t.

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I don’t think me as a child would recognize me as an adult. I’m much more confident now. It was a hard won confidence.

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They are one in the same, my child loves herself…the grownup side and the childlike side.

I have a 5×7 photo of myself at 3 that I keep on my fridge as a reminder to always remember the little “L” and cherish her preciousness!

I was damn cute, little pink dress, mary janes, sitting in my little chair, with my Edgar Winter curly albino hair, impish smile and a little bouquet of flowers….awwwwww! lol

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She would see that she hasn’t lost any of her independence and dislike for authority.

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There’d be a little hero worship going on…. :-/

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Growning up in the 80’s, I’m sure that my younger self would be a little disgruntled. Where’s the pink Ferrari? She would probably imagine that I would have oversize hair and press on nails. All kidding aside. Honestly she would be disappointed and would be glad to give me a firm kick in the ass.

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Probably would be frightened of my current outlook on life, religion, and mankind in general, but at the same time glad that I am in the process of becoming what I wanted to be when I was 6 and that I have not let the child inside of me die and am still more than capable of pulling horrid pranks.

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She’d be disappointed and a little sad but relieved I am well, loved and still trying.

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