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Are you a snob? Or do you just have confidence?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) August 4th, 2010

Are you better than the sap next door, or the idiot down the road?
Or not?

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False Dichotomy. being a snob doesn’t mean you have an excess of confidence. Actually, being a snob probably means you lack self esteem and self confidence.

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I also think they are rather unrelated. Sometimes i’m just a plain snob, but other times i do have confidence in what i’m doing – it all depends on the situation.

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I was always concerned “snobby” when I was in high school. But this just meant that I didn’t go to parties, do drugs, drink, etc. People thought that because I knew better, I thought I was “better’ than them.
I don’t think that snobbery is a real issue. If someone thinks they are better than someone else, who cares? Let them deal with it.

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Neither. I know that most people are better than me, and I don’t have much confidence at all.

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I have confidence, but I’m not a “snob”. A snob/arrogant person thinks they’re better than other people. They need other people to put down and compare themselves to (and elevate themselves above). As @chubbychu indicated, it indicates a bit of insecurity. Having confidence is different. It just means that you think well of yourself and your abilities and you are generally satisfied with yourself. It doesn’t necessarily imply that you think you’re better than other people or anything like that.

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@DominicX – i don’t think a “snob” necessarily needs other people to put down to make themselves feel elevated – they automatically feel elevated already.

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Being aloof can be seen as being snobby. Many aloof individuals however are anything but confident. Then you have the real snobs who seem confident but are really arrogant. I do not (for the most part) believe snobby people have a low amount of confidence but rather have too much confidence which usually leads to arrogance. I personally try to blend confidence with humility on equal terms.

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Others might consider me a snob: the way I dress, the car I drive, the house I live in, my musical and literary tastes. I don’t consider myself one; my tastes were formed by my upbringing but I don’t consider myself superior to anyone. My aloof manner is a function of Aspergers Syndrome, not much that I can do about it. Confidence? In my areas of expertise, yes; in social areas, very little.

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I am not a snob, nor do I have much confidence. I have witty humor that I hide behind..and people see that as confidence.

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I think snobs are funny, they make me laugh. Now, time to leave you peasants. I’m off for a spot of tiffin & a good old game of croquet, jolly good show.

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Until you really get to know a person, it is hard to say. Some people are just plain shy.

I’m not a snob. Confidence, somedays….and some not.

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I am not a snob.. I would love to take the stick out of some snob’s butt some day . Nobody is better then anybody.

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What’s it mean if I think I’m better than most people but I still think I suck?

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Not always confident. Better than I used to be. But, no, not a snob.

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I know when to employ both.

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I am extremley confident in myself. If I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. My problem is getting the motivation to do such lol

I come off as egotistical sometimes but I play that up a lot of comedic purposes.

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That may be true. The point I’m trying to make is that just because a person has confidence, doesn’t mean they’re snobby. The whole of being arrogant or snobby is that you think you’re better than other people. A person with high self-esteem doesn’t necessarily think that. They just think they’re pretty good; it doesn’t imply anything about the people around them.

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With all my imperfections, I am perfect.

It’s more then confidence, and snobbery is always someone else’s perception.

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“I am not a snob, at least not to anyone that matters”

-Simon LeBon

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I happen to like the sap next door. He’s always been kind to me. We hold each other’s keys.

The idiot down the road? Never met him. So, no. I’m not better than the sap or the idiot. And even if there were an idiot, I wouldn’t be better than him or her. The idiot is a person like the rest of us and deserves my compassion the same as everyone does.

Snob? Some people think I’m one. I try not to be. Like I say. Everyone deserves my compassion as far as I’m concerned. I don’t always provide it, but I try. I deserve their compassion, too. The idiot is generally compassionate with even being asked.

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I think I am confident, most of the time but that, to others, I can come off as intimidating but not necessarily as a snob.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – I find you stimulating.

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@ChazMaz I got an image of a neck massager when reading that, lol. Thanks

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You can use your wisdom for good or ill…...your mouth as well. @chubbychu hit it on the head, it is a mask for lack of self-esteem.
Finding the opposite of snobbery is not an easy word for me.
I like @Frenchfry would take that stick out of snobs supposed butt, and hit them in head and knock sense into them.
Arrogance is a nasty trait, right???

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I think everyone should be treated equally. For example, I think when a celebrity gets arrested for something they shouldnt get special treatment. They should serve there full time.

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