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Does anyone have any ideas of something yummy to do with cream crackers?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) August 5th, 2010

I have a packet and am bored of putting cheese and sweet chilli sauce on them.

Please, if you care at all about this innocent packet of cream crackers, help me think of something interesting i can do with them so that it doesn’t end up in the bin.

(only meatless ideas please.) :)

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How are cream crackers differentiated from any other typecof cracker?

I’ve honestly not encountered anything described as a cream cracker.

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@Buttonstc – well….they’re not salty? They’re just plain wheaty crispy crackers with not much flavour to them. I don’t know, that’s just what they’re called on the lable! :)

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@Buttonstc Wiki says, “A cream cracker is a flat, usually square savoury biscuit. It is similar to a matzo, but it contains yeast and is typically thicker and approximately 8 cm square. Cream crackers were first manufactured by William Jacob in a small bakery in Dublin, Ireland around 1885.[1]

They are made from wheat flour and yeast, and are commonly served with cheese or other savoury topping such as Marmite or Vegemite. They are also eaten with butter or margarine or without accompaniment.”

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I have the ultimate thing!

Take 1 full garlic flower and cut it exactly in half. Poor about 3 teaspoons of olive oil on it and wrap it in tinfoil tight like a potato. Bake it at 380 degrees for 1 hour. Take it out and let cool down for 15min.

Spread the baked garlic over about 10 cream crackers, then put a healthy slice of Gorgonzola cheese on each (or blue cheese – as a last resort) and one fresh RASPBERRY on top!

Sounds crazy but this is my secret party taster. Great stuff!

I was at a girlfriend’s apartment in Cow Hollow (San Francisco) and this knock on the door produced a neighbor holding a plate of these. She was an airline stewardess and her husband was a restaurant owner/chef – and this was their thing. At this point it’s a family heirloom recipe.

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So cream crackers are commonly available here in the US ? Who knew ?

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cream cheese and chives. I just love that stuff.
It maybe a cheese but it’s different.
about bean dip. It’s kinda spicy and creamy.
spinach dip, avacado dip.

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How about crushed strawberries, with cream on the top?
Or tuna and mayonnaise?

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@Frenchfry oooh, i love cream cheese.

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A quick and easy one which tastes much better than it sounds is to take one envelope of Liptons instant powdered Tomato soup mixed with a container of Sour Cream.

For best flavor and consistency do it a few hours ahead of time.

If you want to zip it up a little add Worcestershire sauce and/or Cayenne pepper to taste.

But I like it just as is. Maybe a touch of Soy sauce for savory but that’s it. Yummy and kind of addicting.

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@Buttonstc that sounds interesting….! :)

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I was tired of all the onion dips and when I came upon this recipe, I decided to give it a try and found I really loved it.

It sounds a bit strange but it’s really delish.

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Cheese topped with an olive.

Crushed and placed in coffee (coffee with cream). Then spoon it. (Yum.)

Cream cheese with strawberry jelly….....oh yes.

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