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Next baby, or if you were to have a bambino(a); what would the name be?

Asked by Jude (32112points) August 5th, 2010

I still like Ella for a girl.

For a boy, Rhett (Everett).

Baby pangs come and go for this lady.

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I like Wolfgang or Max

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I had my two sons and each one was going to be Sarah if it was a girl (but not both of them.)

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I also like Fred. As in Hey Freddy!

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are my top names for the next kiddo. We’ll see what the baby daddy thinks.

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Gilligan,for either sex.

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When I was growing up, we had a camp. and the neighbors had a kid named David Youlittle Bastard. Guess who didn’t turn out so well?

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Can’t ever happen again for the Cruiser so “Miracle” or “OMG” “Immaculate Concepcion” would be obvious first choices.

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Girl-Sadie or Charlie
Boy-John or Sam

Still like the traditional names of the past.

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Snively—either gender.

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@loser-“Scruffy”?? XD…wish I would’ve thought of it!
@The Cruiser-What about Bob?

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For a girl I love the names Jemma, Danielle and Kerrie

For a boy I really don’t know. I’ve always quite liked William.

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@lucillelucillelucille Bob is the name of my Turtle and wouldn’t want to confuse things up at home.

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@The Cruiser-I see…

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@Adirondackwannabe or “Mal Practice”

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@Cruiser That might have been my next one but I thought the first was bad enough, until I saw snively.

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Cosmo… it’s my Dad’s name

when I was preggers with the youngest I told my Dad, if it’s a boy, I’m naming him after you and Pops… his reply was “you can’t do that to the kid!”

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I like Graeme and Eleanor.

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Gwendolyn for a girl.

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Olivia Evelyn for a girl

William for a boy.

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I like Lilliana for a girl and Gabriel for a boy!

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Boy names: Parker, Phillip, Brody, Griffin
Girl names: Gwynneth, Evie, Lydia, Sloane

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If i have a girl later in life I fully plan on naming her Harley and Quin for her middle name. yeaa that big of a nerd, but ya gotta admit, its a cool ass name.

If i have a boy, i really wanna name him Zaphod.

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If a boy. It would be…

Charles William Philip William (last name here)

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The only name I’ve ever had set aside for future children is Eve. I don’t really anticipate having any, though. Haven’t given it much thought beyond that.

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Boy: Forrest
Girl: Dakota
This is for fun. I can’t have any more. LOL

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Girl: Penny
Boy: Louis

Cute, no?

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Augustus or Zhanna

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girl: emma
boy: dunno yet….

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Names that were in the running but didn’t make the final cut in naming my daughter…

We’d probable go with one of those if we adopted another munchkin.

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Boy = Balen
girl = Balena

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Allyson Riley

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For a son, Demian Sinclair (Last Name Here)
Girl, I’d leave it up to my wife.

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Girl: Eva or Sofie
Boy: Wouter of Karel

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Girl: Kalanni Mae
Boy: Genesis Ray

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Girl: Anneke Marie Boy: ?? Really don’t know!

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Girl- Sabina (from the movie Unbearable Lightness of Being)
Boy- Alexander, after my hubby’s friend

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Amera (Girl)
Michael (Boy)

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my girls are Kale, Sage and Clementine my boys are Branden and Tab IF I were to have more, for a boy Zane and a girl Swoozie

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In my opinion if you name a child something unusual you run the risk of condemning your child to eternal embarrassment and ridicule when he or she goes to school later in life. I realize some names are cultural, but parents are naming their kids some really weird things these days. “Bendrew”, “Rhett”, “Tab”, “Swoozie”, “Genesis”, “Zhanna”, “Sloane” and the like are just asking for teasing.

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I love the name Elise, or Elaine. (I’m a sucker for the EL- names, probably cause they make me think of ‘elegant’). I’m fond of Grace, Diandra, Lyla, Charlotte. (I’ve always had a soft spot for April, but I loathe the nickname “Ape.”)

As for guys? I don’t have as much fun with male names. They’re not pretty! But I like Ryan, Jonathan (very versatile). I’d have to do more research for boy names.

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More male names: Devin, Evan, Charlie, Quinn

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