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Do you use phone books anymore?

Asked by syz (35649points) March 22nd, 2008

I haven’t touched a phone book since I got high speed internet access, yet I receive 4 different phone books each year. If you had the option, would you opt out of receiving phone books? Accoding to this article in, a conservative estimate of paper usage for phone books is a million tons per year (

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I think I’ve touched my phone book three times in the last year, and the internet was out at the time…

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I’m sorry but yes I still do,from time to time. It save me some time and there’s always a map inside so I know exactly where to go before leaving home.

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Indeed, mine just sit there as well. I usually pick out a couple of volumes from the stacks delivered and recycle the rest.

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nope. I have not used a phonebook in at least 6 years maybe 7. I have the Internet and now the iPhone.

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There’s a trick to ripping them in half. Its not that hard and you can amaze your friends.

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I haven’t used one in forever. Its like the post office. Few people use it but it will go away unless it adapts.

ninjaxmarc's avatar or 411
I can only recall once in 5 years

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yes I do,
sometimes I just dont want to take the time to go to the computer phone book is alway handy

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I must be old fashioned, but alas, I still use a phone book and the post office. To be completely honest with you, I get really agitated by the user “friendliness” of some websites and the internet in general. Phone books have looked the same for the past 50 years, as has the post office. And there is something nice about actual human interaction every once in a while. I still read newspapers, too.

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All the time. I live in an area where most of us go to the little Post Office to pick up mail, listen to and contribute to the local gossip, check out the real estate taxes, whine about the weather and generally treat it as a social event. And I use the phone books regularly. Easy and necessary here in a sparsely populated area.

But even so, too many editions arrive, published by too many different phone cos. There is a huge amount of recycling.

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Yes I use it quite often and I have a computer and iPhone. Like Les and Gail I am fond of human interaction and l like to read books and the newspaper instead of the Internet all the time. I hope these non-eltronic methods of information don’t disappear. Think about when this civilization disappears what will archiologist have to dig up besides trash if we go all electronic.

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I just threw the two thick phone books we got yesterday into recycling. What a waste of paper.

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Wow, I guess I really don’t! I hadn’t thought about it until just now though. Hey, let’s save some trees!!!

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I live in North Carolina and our legislature caved to the Yellow Pages Association – they were not trying to stop the printing and dispersal of phone books, merely trying to give residents the option of saying that they don’t want them.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve used the phonebook a couple times in my life. I’ve always used the Internet, 411 and now my iPhone.

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Phone books are a nuisance! I think people should have to request them, rather than get them dumped on our doorsteps. They make for nice shredding by my parrots, but other than that, they are annoying. I would definitely opt out of them!

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I do use a phone book on occasion but I greatly dislike using the yellow pages. I find them slightly unhelpful.

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i actually do but i would give it up to save the trees…

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I keep one copy around for emergencies.

The last time we lost power, I had to use my landline to make a few phone calls and fortunately, I had an old phone book in my front hallway. I had recyled all the rest thinking I wouldn’t need them. I’ll awlays keep at least one around.

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