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Washingtonians: Any Good Last Minute Campground Suggestions?

Asked by drClaw (4452points) August 5th, 2010

My wife and our friends have had a camping trip planned for this weekend, but unfortunately the site we were going to stay at is near the Eastern Washington forest fires and the air is still pretty smokey.

I’m hoping that there are some Washingtonians out there that could give me some good suggestions. The details of what we are looking for are below…

Details: Tent campsite for 4 adults preferably near hiking, swimming or both. Ideally we want to find a real campsite in the woods and avoid any KOA type full amenities, groomed lawn campsites.

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Deception Pass on Whidbey Island (although it may be full). The scenery is absolutely stunning and there are woods and water and hiking.

Alternatively, Fort Flagler State Park

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Is there anything near Seattle? :)

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Try the Olympic Peninsula It’s a tough time of year to find a camp ground. Good Luck

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Our family has always been a fan of the San Juan Islands camping situation. Have you considered Spencer’s Spit on Lopez Island? Orcas and San Juan have all kinds of awesome camping too. You’ll need a ferry ticket to travel from the mainland Anacortes ferry terminal to the islands, but it’s well worth the money and effort to get there. My family has been traveling there for almost 50 years and we think it’s just about the most incredible spot on planet Earth.

Spencer’s Spit will likely have spots available and they’re pretty inexpensive as I recall. Lopez, Shaw, Orcas, and San Juan are also known for the volume of bikers that flock to their excellent roads – hilly, but not unmanageable for kids 6th grade and up. Our Boy Scout troop takes a bike trip to Lopez every year and all our boys have no problem biking to the various vistas.

Anyway, hope that helps!

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