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What is the funniest or longest argument you have ever had?

Asked by mowens (8392points) August 5th, 2010

I have had many arguments in my life. Most of them are because I simply love to argue. Others are because I feel I have been wronged. I try to see humor in all situations, especially arguments. There is an argument a friend of mine and I have been having for years. (Since college) It is because of this argument, I actually now Fluther. We all do.

The Argument

Anyway, that is one of my arguments. Although I still feel I was in the right originally, I only bring it up now because it is a funny argument and something silly to argue over. I have many arguments like this. Do you have silly arguments? If so, what are they?

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They are always long. And, I never EVER argue. I debate.

As far as what? Just finished “debating” to a “friend” how much of a whore she is and that is why she can never get a man. To keep.

That one was very funny. From my point of view.

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@ChazMaz Hahaha Did you get slapped?

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10 years ago I would have. Sometimes, texting does have an advantage.

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1.) An 8-year debate with a house-mate on whether knives should be placed in the dishwasher serving-ware basket point up or point down.
2.) Whether flan comes with a pastry crust or not.
3.) If the ceiling fan is rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise.

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I don’t remember which one has been the funniest, but most of the arguments I’ve had were funny, because I always make up words to show how angry I am, and those words turn out to be very funny sometimes (but, unfortunately, they can’t be translated)

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I have had an ongoing debate with my one friend. It usually comes up when we are high or something sitting around a fire. Is fire alive? I say no, he says yes. We argue endless loops of nonsense.

As simone noted in that question this has been going on for some time…

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Which is smarter a Democrat or a bag of hammers…there seems to be no end to that debate.

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I don’t do long arguments and avoid short ones as much as possible. (-;

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This is almost impossible for me to answer, because my family loves to debate. We pick up the same discussions we’ve been having for years. Between my father and my sisters I’ve probably been having one of the same arguments since I was old enough to talk. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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One evening, after a very winey dinner my sister and I were talking about a certain British movie star. I kept calling him Kevin, she kept calling him Kieth. We didn’t actually argue, just got louder and more precise each time either of us said his name. This went on til my Brother in law pointed out that it was Kenneth (Brannagh). Oh, Silly us! :-)

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I have been arguing , well debating on how to do laundry My husband was in the Army and is very picky on housework. I say is should be sorted lights white and darks when it comes to laundry.. That how I was brought up. He says it should be sorted towels, kids clothes, my clothes, his clothes and then sheets. He says I do it wrong. To me he is making too many loads….

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@Frenchfry If he doesn’t like the way you do it, make him do the laundry. :)

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I have had a “discussion” about Abraham Lincoln that is lasting over a decade—giggles…he is SO wrong—

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I can think of a few. The first that comes to mind was when @mowens and I were on our way home from school and were arguing over whether or not the truck in my parents driveway was a Ford or a Toyota. It was a Mazda.

Another fun argument is one I have with a friend of mine from college, where we argue about the benefits of knowing one program extensively compared to several loosely. It always turns into euphemisms about sex and religion, though. (I could actually post one here, but it’s incredibly long.)

I think the one lately that I found funniest was @mowens attempt to explain to me why the internet is a frontier.

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I hate confrontation of any kind…....well wanna make something of it or what?

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@RocketSquid The internet is a fucking frontier. A virtual frontier, but a frontier nonetheless.

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I’ll make another question for that argument.

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@mowens You never made a point! You only stated that people “don’t know where it could go!” and then told me that you knew what I was trying to do whenever I asked for clarification.

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@mowens I’m surprised we didn’t fluther it earlier

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Here’s one, if we got rid of the liberals, then blacks and homosexuals will be eradicated.
In that order.

Without liberals, the blacks would be forced to fend for themselves and die off quickly.

Once the liberals are gone, the homosexuals will be quarantined to die off since they can’t reproduce.

Without liberals, people will be able to arm themselves without regulation in order to protect their own from stragglers who may have slipped through the filters or escaped.

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@johnnydohey Who are you having this argument with?

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@RocketSquid, I brought it up last week amongst some friends, for humor, of course.

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@RocketSquid Thats because I couldn’t believe you didn’t agree with me… It’s like talking to a child about simple math. How can you explain 1+1 =2?

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The funniest argument I ever witnessed was between my ex and her aging mother. The Mother insisted that FedEx and Federal Express were two different delivery services because she had seen trucks for both. My ex, who never knew when to back down gracefully from any argument, let alone with her mother, got so angry I thought she was going to have a stroke.

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@mowens Or how blatantly obvious it is that God created the universe, right?

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I no longer argue in person. It’s a waste of time. I have been known, however, to argue online! : D

I had one online argument that lasted for about a year, as I recall. : )

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Another argument I witnessed (but stayed out of) some years back took place at the dinner table of a previous boss and his family. An extremely intelligent and well -read man, he loved debates and provoking them, and on this occasion he casually threw out the suggestion that women were fundamentally inferior to men. The “debate” that followed was kind of what the Gunfight at the OK Corral must have been like. Oh, I neglected to mention his family comprised an extremely outspoken wife and two grown daughters.

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I know there must be some but I can’t remember now. I guess they weren’t that spectacular.

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@Austinlad Why would you argue with anyone that you thought they were inferior? If they are inferior, they can’t understand, so what’s the point. If you argue with them, then you must fundamentally accept that they are equal, or why would you bother. You lost that one before you ever started.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – We have some good arguments debates from time to time. ;-)

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@ChazMaz I can’t remember – you you remember which ones?

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You looking for a fight already! LOL

And, I just remember the passion. ;-)

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I had an ongoing debate with a Young Earth Creationist that went on for probably a year or more, on a nearly daily basis. My fellow’ers will remember jamesthesecond.

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@Ivan I feel ya!

I dunno about funny, but it seems never-ending and silly. My husband and I can never agree on what temperature to set the thermostat. Sometimes we both get so angry about it too!

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@Ivan Omg, I repressed that! LOL

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