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Do you agree that "Jacuzzi" and "Hot Tub" can be synonymous with "spa"?

Asked by rskaletz (81points) August 5th, 2010

I use these words interchangeably.

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No. Spa is a different thing.

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No. You can get into a hot tub at the spa. You go to a day spa to be pampered and there may be a hot tub there. You go work out at the spa,

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A spa is an establishment for getting various personal care treatments. Hot tubbing may be one of those treatments. Or you can hot tub at home, without a spa.

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A spa is a resort offering fitness and personal care. Calling a Jacuzzi or even a footbath a spa, is trying to lend it the cachet of a spa [resort].

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Jacuzzi is a brand of hot tub. It’s like saying Chap Stick or Blistex for a lip balm. Spa is a completely different thing. However, I generally say these words interchangeably as well.

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Yes, lots of people use them interchangeably, but it takes me a moment to digest when I hear “spa”. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

Though “whirlpool spa” or “bathtub spa” instantly brings to mind a hot tub.

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Nope. I have never heard anyone using the term spa in relation to their bath tub (however fancy the thing is).

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To me, a Jacuzzi is an indoor bath tub with jets, only filled with water during use. A hot tub is an outdoor (sometimes used indoors) unit that always has water in it. I do know a lot of people who use spa and hot tub interchangeably.

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No. A “spa” is an entire facility, innit? “Jacuzzi” is a brand name gone common and the usual epithet is “hot tub”.

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A spa is a communal facility, which may or may not have hot water, but has services such as facials, massages, etc.

A jacuzzi is an indoor tub with jets that create bubbles.

A hot tub is outdoors and may or may not have jets that create bubbles.

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One more

Here in Florida they are interchangeable words. For the most part.

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Yes, I’ve heard “spa” used for hottub.

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SPA stands for in latin: Sanus Per Aqua, wich means Healing By Water. So doesn’t make any difference if it’s a bathtub or jakuzzi, as long as you bathing in thermal- or mineral water. (Which helps to heal)

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Here in NZ the term spa pool is often used.

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Yes, most hotels call their whirlpool hot tubs spas. A Jacuzzi is a brand name for a whirlpool hot tub.

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@Otto_King uh, that’s a bogus etymology. It’s from name of health resort in eastern Belgium, known since 14c., that featured mineral springs believed to have curative properties. The place name is from Walloon espa “spring, fountain.”

acronymic origins for words are generally false.

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@zenvelo I think @Otto_King is actually right, but there are multiple etymologies, and @Otto_King FTW because that really sealed the deal for me that I was right about using spa.

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Thank you @rskaletz. And @zenvelo, since when do people taking their bath time in springs and fountains? The whole SPA thing is about wellness, healing and relaxation, as it is 1000 years ago. The jakuzzi and its friends are just a “modern” way to enjoy water.

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I disagree. A jacuzzi is synonymous with Hot tub but Jacuzzi isn’t synonymous with Spa. A spa and a Jacuzzi are two totally different things. Yes, jacuzzi’s are usually found in a a Spa, but no. They are absolutely not a synonym.

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Although people do call Jacuzzi’s a spa sometimes, it’s wrong.

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