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What's a good eyeliner to use for people who wear contacts?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31090points) August 5th, 2010

I do a lot of theater, and so I wear makeup when I’m on stage. I’m looking for a good eyeliner pencil to wear. I’ve found that I can’t use the liquid stuff, because it gets in my eyes and hurts.

Have you found a good eyeliner that you can recommend?

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i buy eyeliner pencil at the dollar store. i wear contacts. it’s fine.

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I wouldn’t use liquid eyeliner unless your contacts are out of your eyes while you are applying it, because it could bleed into your eye and get trapped under your contact (I know from experience). I would say a soft eyeliner. The kind that you can just twist up are nice, because you don’t have to worry about sharpening them. And usually pencil type eyeliners will not bleed into your eyes.

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I wear Almay eyeliner. It’s safe for contact-wearers (says right on the label) hypoallergenic, and they don’t test on animals. :)

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I’d go for a waterproof formula. The 24/7 liners from Urban Decay are supposed to be pretty good. Cruelty-free, too!

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Liquid eyeliner should not be applied to the waterline or tight line of your eye, only the eyelid above your upper lash line or the skin below your lower lash line. if it is running, try a thicker formula or wiping some off the applicator tip before applying it. Look for youtube videos on how to apply liquid eyeliner and you’ll find loads :) I recommend Revlon Colorstay – they make a pencil eyeliner that really stays put, and their liquid eyeliner stays put too. No need for eyelid primer.

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Try Make Up For Ever- Aqua eyes waterproof pencil eyeliner. Doesn’t aggravate my eyes or blur my contacts! I prefer creamliners applied with a brush rather than pencil liners though, so I use Make Up for Ever Aqua Creamliner.


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Oh and if your eyes are sensitive to mascara as well, I recommend Diorshow Waterproof mascara. It’s the only mascara that doesn’t flake/smudge/burn/etc. Booooo contact lenses.


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—@sokk, mahaha, why did I read ‘Diorshow Waterproof’ as ‘Dishwasher Proof’?! Dior show is great, I got it free once with Dior perfume.

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L’Oreal Kohl pencils are soft enough to use with contacts in.

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