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Was Black Wallstreet discussed in your schools?

Asked by okc405 (255points) March 22nd, 2008

I’m from Oklahoma and the tradegy of black wallstreet (which happened in Oklahoma) was never mentioned in any of my U.S. or Oklahoma history classes. I wanted to know if it was talked about in yours.

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Sorry, but I’ve never heard of it.

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Sad to say, neither have I. Give us some brief descriptions and we can do some research.

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I had never heard of it.. It is amazing that it isn’t taught about in schools.

Here is a really underwhelming link to wikipedia about it.

edit :: fixed link

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Dead link…

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Ok, thank you

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wow, even wikipedia only has a tiny article on it.

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I’m afraid black history was referenced minimally and only in passing in my schools..

James Lowewen has an interesting book, “Lies My Teacher Told Me” that pretty definatively shows the white, Eurocentric bias of text books used in public education.

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Sorry, James Loewen.

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Never heard about it in school!

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I had heard about it, but I’m not sure if it was in school, or elsewhere, and even if it was school, I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was high school or college..

But even so, it wasn’t anything in depth.

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I had never heard about it either, and I had taken several classes on African-American literature too. We did go over the Harlem Renaissance though. Thanks for the reference by the way, I’m glad I became aware of it’s existence.

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…and we’re worried about Obama’s preacher man.

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I went to a private school and we covered African American history issues many times, though I don’t have a specific memory of this. I’d like to see a well-researched history of it, and also to see one made into a good documentary.

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I had never heard of this and I was homeschooled, which I used to think gave me a greater advantage of learning about things not tuaght in traditional schools.

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