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Logitech M205 wireless mouse isn't working. Can someone help?

Asked by oxenfree (181points) August 5th, 2010

i bought a wireless mouse a few months back and it worked great, all you have to do to use it is plug in the USB to your computer and your set. for some reason mine doesn’t seem to be working right. i have to unplug the USB and plug it back in and it works for a few minutes and then the cursor stops moving. its not the batteries, i’ve replaced them but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. can anybody help?

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It would help if you could tell us what computer & operating system you are running.

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I also have a Logitech wireless mouse, the only thing I have needed to do to bring it back to life is replace the batteries but obviously that is not your problem… how about contacting the company and asking for their advice, I’m sure they are only an e-mail away. Best of luck.

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i have a minitaure Acer laptop and i’m on Window’s XP. i’m not really great with computers so i couldn’t tell you much more than that unless you tell me where to look for w.e info you need. i visited the website but i didn’t see anything. i’ll have to check again.

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You say you’ve visited the website, I imagine there was a Contact Us option available, I would use that and ask them the same question you asked us.

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yes. i know. and i just said that i might have missed it and have to go check again.

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