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Where are the bees dying and are cell phones killing them?

Asked by Aster (18947points) August 5th, 2010

Bees are dying, some say from a virus? And that without bees we have no food since they’re our pollinators. Where are they dying en masse and why do you think they’re dying? Cell phones? Are you concerned?

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How did you get cell phones involved in this?

Bees are suffering from something called Colony collapse disorder. Researchers have some ideas about what’s causing the problem, but no one knows for sure yet. There’s quite a bit of preliminary information out there for anyone interested (A Spring Without Bees, Fruitless Fall, A World Without Bees).

This is an extremely serious situation, since most estimates are that 30 percent of our agricultural products depend on bees for pollination.

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@syz Is it worse in America or equally widespread? Far as the cell phone theory, I hear Wild stuff on tv!

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One of the most recent theories I heard had to do with the importation of bees from Australia (honey bees are not native to North America), but I’m not sure if other countries are suffering the same fate. This is a nice synopsis of the problem.

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I haven’t heard it blamed on cell phones, but I have heard people blaming pesticides. Pesticides would not surprise me.

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Bees are dying all over the world, but science has not linked the die-off of the bees to cell phones. The thing(s) that appear to be killing the bees are environmental pollutants, pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals that end up in our environment because our sewer systems do not adequately filter them out, etc. You can blame a great deal of the killing of the bees on one giant corporation, MONSANTO (their fertilizers are also creating dead zones in the oceans where our rivers empty into the oceans).

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@Linda_Owl That’s awful! Do you have a reference for the info regarding Monsanto?

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They’re out of their lifespan.

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