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IPhone 4, LG Expo or Samsung Captivate?

Asked by Rv654321 (228points) August 5th, 2010

Im undecided on which one of these 3 phones to upgrade to..each one has things that I like and dislike..Im looking for a phone with cool features that I can also use as a business phone. I also need one thats good with texting since i do alot of it! haha.. & good camera since I usually use it to take pictures of my work and then post on my website.
Does any one have these phones that can tell me pros and cons or which one is better??

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I don’t have the LG Expo or the Samsung Captivate but the iPhone is a great device. I hope this doesn’t sound fanboyish but I can tell you about my experience with my iPhone 4.

The texting is great. Many disagree with me when I say I like the software keyboard on the iPhone better than I do a physical keyboard but once you get used to it and embrace the smart keyboard you’ll type faster than you ever would on a physical keyboard. This is because you barely need to touch a key to enter it and because of its auto-correction, and spell check too.

The smart keyboard even learns how you type to correct you more accurately. Many people also don’t know this but after it starts to learn the words you use most while you type, certain letters get bigger making it easier to tap then. You don’t see it on the screen but there is a bigger space around those specific keys to touch. Hope that made sense. And you can even connect your hardware keyboard!

The camera is excellent. There is even a front facing camera. Here are some test shots. I don’t think I need to say more.

As for business, I can’t really say since I don’t use it for business but the iPhone is being used in more and more corporations and the phone seems to be very secure. The only thing missing is Office or iWork if you’re into that and rumour has it that Apple will make an iWork version for the iPhone similar to the iPad version.

Other than that all I can say is it’s a great phone, no reception issues here in Canada, great battery, and really fast. Hope that helped!

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Oops and I also forgot to mention that there is a small problem, a con. The proximity sensor seems to act a little weird during calls (the sensor that shuts off the screen while in a call so you don’t accidentally push buttons with your cheek). I found myself writing an email to my teacher while on a call with my friend. A fix should be coming soon though.

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That was one of my issues..I tried texting on the iphone at the At&t store and it wasnt so good for me but then again it was just a quick test because I was running late..I heard that the reception on the phone isnt good either! Another thing is that the captivate has swype which I heard is a cool feature and makes texting alot quicker. I need a phone that I can schedule appointments and reminders, things like that. Most phones calander feature or alarms just dont cut it for me..

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@Rv654321 Yes the reception issue is a popular one. Here’s my answer from another thread but it fits here too.

As for the iPhone’s reception “problem” just keep an eye on performance in other countries. Here in Canada I can tell you there is absolutely no reception problem here which kind of makes me think it that AT&T’s network has a lot to do with the iPhone’s dropped calls. Remember when the (can’t remember if it’s 3G or 3GS) came out everyone complained about dropped calls and blaimed the iPhone? It was later confirmed in Sweden that there was nothing wrong with the phone but AT&T’s network. Keep that in mind.

Also, after reading several posts on the web by John Gruber I think that the way we compare the 3GS and iPhone 4 by dropped calls might not be the best way to compare reception. It has been reported by many that the iPhone 4 works in many places that the 3GS did not. So the iPhone actually drops calls in what was previously thought of as dead zones. That’s not a step back, that’s an improvement. And while it may seem silly to say that more dropped calls on the new iPhone is actually better, it’s worth thinking about.

The iPhone’s native calendar application works with Google Sync so you can even use that if you’re into Google Calendar. You can make appointments and reminders and you can even set it up with Microsoft Exchange if you want.

Yes Swype is pretty cool but it’s very young and in beta so we’ll see where that goes. If that’s you’re killer app then go for it.

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Just get the iPhone.

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iPhone all the way.

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