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How do you feel when you wrote good answer but the OP didn't care/give you a score?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) August 5th, 2010

This is common in Yahoo!Answer,when you wrote good answer,lets say,that it’s better than the others or the only one that really 100%ly help the OP but the OP didn’t give score after you help them (especially people who love to add “HELP!/PLEASE COME IN!/5 STARS,else). I mean,days after the question was made the OP still didn’t GA an answer,and most people didn’t vote for answers,some of them even love to thumb-down great answers. Well,that’s me,I will feel disappointed in that repetitious situation,it’s just like taking free flower/gift from orphans but refuse to give some penny in charity box.

Have you ever experienced such situation? How did you feel in such situation?

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I don’t answer questions for lurve, so it doesn’t matter to me. Don’t get me wrong, the feedback is nice, but I don’t worry about it.

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Doesn’t bother me.

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Meh, it’s not a contest. A great answer is a great answer, whether it’s recognized or not.

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I don’t really care. Not that I write good answers…

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As long as they pay my bill I don’t care too much.

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I concur with the above. I don’t write answers for lurve, but to give the OP the admittedly sometimes dubious benefit of my experience. If other people think it is a GA that is a bonus.

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I don’t remember every answer I ever write, and I only occasionally glance at which have gotten lurve, so I don’t even notice if they don’t.

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I’m not in it for the ”score” or lurve, rather.
I answer because I have something to say and/or contribute. I answer because I’m hoping in some way I can help the OP (if the questioner is looking for help, advice, etc) and anyone else here on Fluther. I answer because I want to engage in great conversation with great people.
If I really cared about whether or not the OP gave me lurve, I would really start contemplate why I’m even using Fluther.

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I have about the same attitude towards points as the cast of Whose Line is it Anyway?. I have other reasons for being here.

As for whether I’ve experienced it, all I have to say is “six years on Answerbag”.

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I don’t worry about it. It’s impossible to guess if the OP is happy with the response, but if I am happy about my answer, that is all I am concerned about. I just move on and probably would never notice anyways. I have too much going on in my life to worry about such things.

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Except for a few milestones now and then, I hardly ever pay attention to the number of points. Only new people can increase my points, anyway, since there is a life time limit of lurve each user can give another user.

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Why it just burns me up. I sit there stewing and in moments, steam starts coming out of my ears. Then, because I am so hot I can’t stand to touch anything, I leap from my chair so hard that I pound my head into the ceiling, getting stuck there. My legs and arms are pumping furiously to no effect.

But soon my head explodes, and my body is loosed and it disassembles itself, then pours itself into the computer and translates to electrons which flash first to the servers of fluther, and thence to the computer of the OP, where they wreak havoc, corrupting the hard drive beyond all recovery; then flying into the cloud where they attach viral bombs to every file belonging to the OP they find there.

Having finished purging themselves of their anger and wrath, the electrons scurry back to my room, reconstitute themselves, pull together my scattered brain, and I collapse, purged, on my chair, as relaxed as if I had just cum.

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@wundayatta hope this OP adknowledges your answer then! LOL! I definitely will though, for the laugh!

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Hmmm…. I wasn’t talking about fluther(and I didn’t mention about fluther and I don’t know why they move this question to meta) since I’ve already known how people act on lurve here. I’m talking more about Y!A if some of you use that site.

I feel that many OP(Y!A) take advantage from other people and resist to reward what is most likely deserve the reward.
Like taking free flower/gift from orphans but refuse to give some penny in charity box,as I said.

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I don’t know that too many of us here are interested in how things work on Y!A.

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I whirl like a dervish!

i answer cuz i like to answer for love not necessarily lurve

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my brillance, is yet to be discovered!


Yahoo…..ummm…will not be negative here!

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I don’t deal with YA so it doesn’t apply.

As for Fluther, its system is totally different and its not unusual for answers not to get lurve especially if the user is new and unfamiliar with the system.

It doesn’t matter to me one way or another as different people have different opinions on what is helpful to them.

If they take my suggestion, fine. If not, that’s ok too. I’m not under the illusion that I can control anyone else’s life other than my own.

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I don’t feel it’s the OP’s responsibility to give me lurve – it’s other people who should or shouldn’t.

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it appears, according to every other response, your wearing you sleeve on your shoulder.. and what-knot. i don’t even know what OP and GA or Y!O means…do you have a habit of giving wrong answers? I kid I kid. ummm. maybe your Fluthered. How many points you got anyway?

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I get it, sometimes when i read a question that all the answers have at least 1 GA even if they are nothing extra speacial i feel like the op gave them as a form of aknowledgement that he apreciates the effort

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One doesn’t write answers to get a score. One answers when one feeels strongly enough about an issue to say something.

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I am just here for fun…
FUN I tell you, if I give a brilliant or helpful answer cool
Scoring doesn’t matter.

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I’m supposed to feel something?

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I get totally pissed.

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I would think that perhaps my answer is not perceived by others to be as good as I think it is, and move on.

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If I don’t get a “Great Answer” then I assume that my answer was less than appreciated, my self-esteem plummets, and I hide in the closet buried beneath my clothes, crying.

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That is what my Jelly Voodoo Doll is for!! Anyone feeling sharp little pains or a little stiff and achy today??? ;))

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@Cruiser Love your Jelly Voodoo Doll…! Where can I get one of those? Some people need to pay the price anyway. He hee.

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@Doctor_D You go over to Answer Bag there is tab under members only for Jelly and Yahoo Answers Voodoo Dolls. You can special order custom dolls for that special someone in your life!

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I just can’t stand it.

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My face looks like this: :(

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If I do get a “Great Answer” then I stare into my monitor and say, “You like me! You really like me!” and cry in my chair.

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The times that I am annoyed by this are when I really put some effort into an answer and the asker replies to everyone but me.

This has happened a couple of times and I do not respond to that person’s questions anymore.

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Or, like, when you give an awesome answer and you get ignored but someone else posts the exact same thing you did, but much later, and everyone starts giving them GAs.

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@mrentropy – yep yep yep and ga

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Lurve doesn’t matter to me. Just a meaningless system of points that somehow ranks us in the community. People with more lurve get more respect than people with less lurve. It’s like “what do you know, Mr. 10 lurve”. Not like people actually say that, but I believe they subconsciously think that.

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@comicalmayhem It’s true what you say. I have disappeared and come back under a new identity and people always give me a much harder time for what I say when I’m not who I was. Reputation matters, and it takes an investment of time to built it.

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Doesn’t bother me if they don’t.

But it’s a nice way to say “thank you,” and I notice that most people give GAs to people who take the time answer their questions since I’ve noticed that whenever I answer a question it almost always earns at least one GA…

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