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Is a secret something being constructed under the Denver Airport?

Asked by Aster (19968points) August 5th, 2010

I saw a tv show and they claim that something top secret is being constructed underneath the Denver Airport. Do you have any knowledge of this?

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You need to quit watching so much tv.

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Wow. That conspiracy is almost older than the Denver airport. I was reading about that Ians ago. There was something about a painting or mural, too.

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Yes, its an underground city. For when the worlds power grids go down in 2013.

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I thought it was a modern dragon’s lair.

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Milo here; It is my private bunker (with a maid’s room for Gail) if disaster hits.

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@ChazMaz are you joking? could you answer me for once?

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I’m serious…

Ok, i’m not.

But if they are building something. It is for that reason.

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@ChazMaz thank you for replying. You’d think I’d remember it since it was an hours show. I’ll google it when we get back. The host of the show was that wrestler…who was that…a smart guy…mayor of some state….A.

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Not sure but the worlds ugliest sculpture/statue is outside of it…has anyone seen this beastly thing? The bronco with glowing eyes? Id like to know whos idea it was. Its so damn ugly.

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@deni the cameras showed very scary, monster figures painted on the walls inside the airport and they said no one knows why those hideous things were chosen as murals
. I mean , yards of them.

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@deni, the sculpture itself killed the artist. Literally.énez_(sculptor)

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The wrestler is Jesse Ventura and his show is called the Conspiracy Theory. There is quite a bit of evidence that he brought up on his program.

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