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Have you used The Secret and did it work?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) August 5th, 2010

If you have any exaples that would be nice, and maybe discuss the imlications that The Secret may have in different areas of science. And do you think that the opposite of the secret is true? That if you project negative thoughts that youll recieve negative results?

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I focussed all my positive thought on getting the universe to send me the book, but it never came.

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@FireMadeFlesh Lol thats a funny comment. Maybe it only works in certian minipuable stiuations. IDK. Thanks for the comment.

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@KeithWilson Thanks. All I know about The Secret is in this video.

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I watched the video. And its hilarious. I never read the book, but I saw the movie. I tested it out on a couple things and I think there might be more to it than the surface might make it seem. It ties into preception and manifestion and are valid scientific questions. The way some people see it might make it sound like so much gibbish. But I think the real key is to use it in a practical way. Even before I knew about the secret, I had ideas on things to that nature. The movie and the book, obviously arent good mediums for this idea. It somwhat simplifies things so that the basic idea gets across, but doesnt really teach you the rules about it. Those I think you have to infer. And besides thought comes before action, so its not a big leap to beleive that thought can manifest action.

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I believe and have experienced “the secret” in The Word. The original spiritual law difined by the Creator. It is a spiritual law afterall…

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No big secret. If you act like an Ass then don’t be surprise if people kick you to get you moving.
If you act like a sweet kitten than your bound to get petted more often.
However, this does not mean the Ass will not get petted occasionally nor that the cat won’t get kicked occasionally. However, those who dislike Asses will more than likely avoid the Ass and those who like sweet kittens will be more prone to stick around them.

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So many truths are obfuscated by interests whose agenda is doling them out piecemeal to maintain control. If you don’t accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you will never get into Heaven. Is that true or does it intermix a teaser dose of truth that we innately understand (that we have a spirit component to our existence—let’s say) with mechanisms for social control (join us or suffer the consequences)? In our conscious ignorance, we hear something that rings unconsciously true (because it is) but rather than finding that power in ourselves, we give it over to an authority. Some of us might be lucky to get an actual teacher, or defy odds and hear a divine message clearly enough to be organically self-aware.

I think intention works. I don’t believe I’ll think about wanting a bicycle today and tomorrow UPS will show up with one on my doorstep, but I think we definitely resonate our intentions. One impediment, I think, is the deluge of “belief programming” we endure from an early age—especially nowadays, I think it’s obvious to anyone who is paying attention that there’s more to our weapons of mass distraction than just reaching the pinnacle of consumerism.

There’s also probably the element of being limited to acting in harmony with your true nature and perhaps no amount of contrary intention will allow you to successfully betray your innate purpose. For example, we are so programmed to think that our purpose is to acquire money, status and power, so we might think that’s worth wishing for, when, in fact, it runs contrary to our reason for being. Rather, if we wish to become something then possibly the tools and materials needed to facilitate that process will make themselves available.

All that being said, I will say that I decided maybe seven or eight years ago that I would be more gracious about receiving gifts from other people. At the time, I meant things like compliments and being more appreciative about birthday and Christmas presents because I recognized that it allowed the giver to enjoy the giving even more so. A couple of years later, that intention (perhaps) dropped a giant gift in my lap.

The last thing I’ll say is that this isn’t the first text on this subject. Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” is another iconic tome based on similar principles. Of course, it too is probably some form of salve for the masses (having been published in the aftermath of the Great Depression at the behest of a steel magnate), but it was around long before “The Secret”.

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I know a girl who swears that it worked, and helped her loose weight. And she did too, when I saw an older photo of her. I mean she was really big, I was like, what the crap. She said the book helped. I’m still doubtfull on that though, but then I haven’t read it, so I wouldn’t know.

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@Symbeline I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked in that way. However I am a firm believer that the only thing you ever truly have control of in life is yourself, so positive thinking is useless beyond the borders of your own body and mind. The universe can’t give you anything, since it is a non-sentient, non-intentional entity, but positive thinking can certainly help you work towards your goals.

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@FireMadeFlesh Maybe the book gives you some directions or insight on this kind of thing then? Gives you some tools, then you gotta learn how to use them yourself.

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@Symbeline Possibly, but the ways some people say it has helped them seem to indicate that an idea that is good in isolation has led to a pile of crap when it is generalised.

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@Symbeline I do believe that possitive thinking can help with things like weight. Too often you will find that people who have over come life threathening illnesses have a possitive outlook. While people who live in gloom and doom have a low life expectancy in the case of a severe illness.
I think we can manifest certain illnesses by creating a high stress enviroment by living in gloom.
People who are more positive go out more, socialize more, exercise more and they are more motivated as a result to be more physical and so they would loose weight. In the gloom senario, the person would be more likely to isolate themselves, eat more crap and watch more tv.

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New age psycho babble. Aids in parting people from their money when they lay out 8.99 or whatever it is for the book.

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I agree with @Trillian it’s a bunch a crap ps. it’s involved in those sweat lodge deaths, the entire course is in excess of 10k$

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It’s a great way for people who are unhappy with their lives and themselves to try to fix things without ever having to look inside and do any kind of heavy lifting.

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