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Anyone use electronic cigarettes? What's your take on them?

Asked by silky1 (1507points) August 6th, 2010

I was wondering how they are, and do they really take the place of the one with nicotine?

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I tried one for my first week of not smoking. The vapor still triggered my lady’s asthma, so cold-turkey from then on.

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I tried them there alright. It just made me feel odd.

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E-cigs have nicotine in the smoke they generate. That’s how they satisfy your craving. They just don’t have all the other crap ciggarettes give you, like tars and carbon-monoxide. E-cigs are a good way to begin to quit, but the little filters that you can buy and attach to cigs are better; they decrease everything! I used them leading up to quitting cigs altogether.

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I think they are silly and yet another gimmick…
But HEY if it works for some people Go for it.

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My gf’s sons like them for quitting.

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Send me the money. Go cold turkey and get it over with. ;-)

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My friend has been using them for a while but he is more addicted to the actual action of smoking than the nicotine. He used them for a while but they were always kind of a novelty.

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I know someone who smoked electronic cigs, and got electronic cancer.

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no ive actually never heard of that. sounds kinda wierd

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I knew a girl who used them to quit smoking. She seemed to really like it, but I think it just replaced the original addiction with a less unhealthy one. Or at least, I think they’re healthier, but this is coming from someone with a limited knowledge of them.

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It’ll be 4 years for me in March (2013). Electronic cigarettes have turned out to be a great smoking alternative.

Nicotine in electronic cigarette liquid is optional. E-cigs are considered safer than cigarettes because the user is not inhaling burning tobacco and the toxic chemicals used to treat that tobacco. Nicotine is addictive, but it won’t kill you (when used in the manner attributed to electronic cigarette use).

By the way, I didn’t start “vaping” (inhaling vapor instead of smoke) to quit smoking. I started vaping to avoid ever increasing cigarette prices.

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